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Yard Dog Comic and Yard Dog Magazine have both gone the way of the Dodo Bird, but Yard Dog Press is alive and constantly surprising us. YDP is a privately owned micro-press; founded in 1995, we have grown far beyond our original expectations. Read on and see what we're about.


Yard Dog Press wants to shine a spotlight on the talent of authors who haven't earned the "big numbers" yet; as a result, they get little or no attention from the corporate giants. These are great story tellers with equally great stories to share. We think it is shameful that there is no forum for their work.

So, what we do:
...Provide a press for those mid-length novels that the big houses won't touch.
...Bring to the reading public stories that they will enjoy.
...Provide a home for the bastard literary children of some well-known authors in the field.
...Never forget that we are in the business of entertainment!

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