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Since I started writing, August 23rd 2000, I’ve had four published novels, a number of short stories and articles. I live in Wisconsin with my wife. Our three children are now grown, with one living in Southern California, one near Denver, and the other in Atlanta. My wife is my full-time buddy and I thank God everyday that she is in my life.

In the world, such as it is, we lose the innocents that we had growing up. At times, I let that youthful purity escape, whether writing or just goofing off. My wife calls it something quite different. When her patience runs thin with me and she calls out, “What are you, twelve?” I dreamily answer, “Not nearly as often as I’d like!”

My philosophy for writing is something I call, “R.I.P.” That is…research, imagination, and patients. I hope you’ll find my story, “The Five” an exciting and thrilling tale with strong characters throughout. In the meantime, I will portray great patients, imagine a positive outcome for both of us, and continue my research on the next project.

Vic LeClair III

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