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  • The Athena Effect on Feb. 12, 2013

    The heroine, Caledonia (Cal) is a smart young girl with unique powers to detect aura. She lived all her life secluded from the outside world by her parents. Despite being isolated, she grew up in a contented and happy environment surrounded by nature and her loving parents. However, one day, everything changes when her parents past away in an accident. She blames the accident on anxiety fits that her parents occasionally suffer from due their traumatic past. Being an orphan with nowhere to go, she is sent to live with her aunt and her unseemly boyfriend. There she meets with Calvin (Cal), a boy who shares the same nickname as her. Calvin, a bad boy raised by his biker brother who gives him unlimited freedom spends his life aimlessly while flirting with girls. After being saved by Cal from thugs one night, he is preoccupied with the image of the strange girl that rescued him. Cal is not the usual type of girl he usually goes for but for reasons he cannot comprehend, he feels a strange pull towards her. Despite denying their attraction for each other, sparks starts to fly between them. Cal who was told by her anxious parents to hide her ability reveals her powers to Calvin. Instead of running away in fear and disgust, Calvin vows to protect Cal and stop her from falling prey to an obsessed professor who was the cause of her parents tragic past. This is the first book I read written by this author and from what I can say so far is that I admire its originality and creativity. This story comes with a smooth chronological writing style infused with subtle humor which gives it a good flow. The author wrote it in such a way that the readers can relate with angst and uncertainty faced by young teenagers like Cal and Calvin who both lost their loved ones. Readers are able to witness and perhaps even empathize with their efforts to cope with their lost and carve a path for themselves. Cal and Calvin may be young but it surely does not mean that they are weak. They are clearly determined and strong enough to protect their future. It is also worth adding that Athena Effect is not purely a romance book with no base and a shallow plot. It has a background story which may also appeal to fans of science fiction. This book is no doubt a promising read which will surely make the readers brimming with anticipation for its second installment as they revisit this book again and again. “Because with a really good book you get something new every time you read it. Because you’re a different person each time.” (Caledonia from The Athena Effect)