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  • Total Opposites on Dec. 16, 2010

    I do believe that love at first sight is real, but even so it will take more than a couple meetings for much to happen with it if one of the parties involved happens to be shy, even if the other is extremely pushy about it. The relationship between Kody and Len moves extremely fast and Kody's portrayal as shy becomes questionable as he has little problems making those leaps with someone he just met(and if I had been in his place I would not have done gone out with Len, he came off as somewhat creepy in the car). Perhaps it would seem less awkward if we knew the other guys were calling him about it as well as Dion, lay the pressure on. I think the idea was covered well except for the problems I already mentioned. The story knew where it was going, but lingered too long on less important details.