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Smashwords book reviews by Enoch Balthasar

  • The Backworlds on Jan. 10, 2017

    Like a couple of reviewers, I took a little to get into "The Backworlds", and even had to make a second start at it. However, once into it, I was doomed to be hooked. Craze is an instantly likeable dude who got a bum deal from his father (and his father is a serious lowlife by any standards!!). The story itself moves along at a fierce pace, which is a good thing. Much of the frenetic energy leaves the reader with the confusion of a new world, mirroring much of Craze's initial confusion in his own situation. I had the blessing of obtaining the free issue of this book and I bought the next 3 in the series. Thanks for a chance to read this, M. Pax! People looking for a solid, believable and relatively easy read, "The Backworlds" is a hard one to beat.
  • Boomtown Craze on March 10, 2017

    Getting into the third installment of the series, one might expect a slow. Not a chance. The characters develop and grow, most noticeable in this added maturity is Craze as he departs from Verkinn culture in a number of ways. Dactyl also gets a much deeper look at, as well. I am glad that I do not need to wait for the next one like Rob Sitler! I love this story and can't wait to get into the next one!
  • Precipice on April 15, 2017

    The saga continues with Craze and friends getting more crap thrown at them by the Galaxy. The Quassers are making moves into The Edge and even making the Foreworlds feel the pinch. In the face of this massive threat, new friends must be found. This is an edgy volume that delves into the psychoses of the different residents of the galaxy a bit more as they adapt to the new situation. Some rise to the occasion really well and others find new aspects to themselves. Add to that, a great deal more of the history arch that makes up the world that we have come to know and love is revealed. Awesome!! Can't wait to get into the next one!
  • Exodus on April 15, 2017

    It took me a little to get into this story, but once into it, it was a riveting build up and and solid read. The scheming and possible scenarios are covered well and Christensen develops the characters well. They are believable and relate-able, despite the incredible circumstances. I really enjoyed this book a great deal and it did not tax the brain all that much. It was a light read constructed with a great deal of skill on the part of the author. (Review of a free book.)
  • The Enemy of an Enemy on Aug. 31, 2017

    The concept behind the story works exceptionally well. I found the style somewhat stilted, though. That said, many of the editing issues that independent authors suffer from are not present in this book in any great number . I found the story itself moved quickly and only rarely felt "bogged down". Although there were some aspects that did not fit well with me, this is one of the most original ideas I've read in ages. Thank you to Mr Trigili for putting this volume on for free and giving us the chance to read it. The story certainly leaves the reader with enough intrigue to go on to other volumes.
  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins on Dec. 25, 2017

    I absolutely loved this story and it is a great opener to the series. The action and pace is fantastic with a lot to appeal to all readers of good sci-fi. The characters are very well developed as individuals and the opening of each book with an alternative character's vignette is a great touch to keep less central characters in play during narratives where they are not so central. Like an earlier reviewer, I will be reading beyond this volume to see what happens!
  • Grim Reaper: End of Days on Oct. 31, 2018

    In the desire to branch out of my usual reading habits and with the dark appeal of the Grim Reaper as a character, this book by Steve Alten had that something to draw me. The characters are easily identified with and even the ones with certain mental issues are developed in such a way that the reader can relate to them even while feeling a little creeped out by them (Klipot is a case in point for me). The pace was a bit slow for me at the start, but once it got into the stride, it was awesome. There is some necessary build up, so I was not entirely frustrated with the start. But once things got rolling, I certainly enjoyed the tale a great deal more. While the focus is on certain main characters, there are sufficient sub-plots to keep one thinking and engaged without overwhelming you with endless details. This was something that could have easily happened in this book, I think, but Alten skillfully balances the plot with depth. I really enjoyed this book and felt it was worth every cent of the very reasonable price. While not scary in the sense of shock, it has enough gore to be a little gross, so readers should be aware of that. If you have a vivid imagination, one scene with an optic nerve stands out to me as worth some caution. Overall, this is a great read and I had a great deal of fun with it.
  • The Last Praetorian on April 22, 2019

    I loved this novel. Simply put, the premise of a revive Roman-like Empire on a multi-system scale with intrigues and all else thrown in to the mix was and is genius. Radec seemed a bit too obsessed with wrongs of his past that were not really all that bad in my opinion. I think his absorption with these so-called failings was not really brought out enough for the reader to really relate to. However, beyond this small niggle on the part of this reader, the novel was an addictive read with a lot of promise for future installments.
  • Lacuna on April 22, 2019

    I really enjoyed this book. The underlying premise was interesting and the characters were both relatable and realistic to me. I was very please to have the chance to read such a page-turner. While it might not tax the brain too much, it is definitely a decent read.