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Smashwords book reviews by A K

  • Dead Eye: Pennies for the Ferryman on May 31, 2009

    When I say 5 Starts, I mean this story has all the ingredients to a masterpiece in the making. There are a lot of bad stories out on the market, but this one isn't one of them. Jim's books is his own creation, funny, witty and realistic to its core. The plot will have you laughing if you take the time to read it and there is a joke hidden in between every other line that you miss the first time you read but when you see it again you can't help but chuckle. The time and detail is very clear in the story. Even with my extensive knowledge on Sci-fi and Fantasy fiction, this has to be one of the very best. The main character has a lot of funny problems to deal with and the way he stands up to them in strides is something to look forward too. There isn't really any flaws in this story, it is more just a preference if you will. It is very clean, but not so clean that it looses its sparkle, it is a book for the mature and slightly more mature teens and I am savoring every little bit of it until it ends. It is simply the marketing that is keeping this book from being the next blockbuster or Opera clubs shelf, when it hits mainstream this book will shake the ghost world to its core. If you like humor and action this is the book for you. The magic behind the funny scenes is that it is hidden and it just pops out at you when you don't expect it. If you are a fan of his fanfiction you'll know exactly what I mean. His style of humor is all his own and I have thus not run into someone who can emulate what he writes. If you are a aid fan of Dresden files, then look no further because this book is better! It has all the elements of a growing hero without the annoying angst, well Ross's life is pretty harsh but his 'short man' syndrome really makes you put your own life in perspective. It takes 2 chapters to get into the story but afterwards you can't put it down! I must have read this book over night, you know that feeling you get when you have to know the ending, well lets just say I didn't get that much sleep, or even leave the same spot, hell didn't even get dinner, thats how good it is. Don't believe me? Buy it! You won't be let down! I have high expectations for a sequel and look forward to it when the time comes.