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The national network of individuals in the UK working to eliminate littering.

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Smashwords book reviews by Zilch UK

  • Litter-ology: Understanding Littering and the Secrets to Clean Public Places on Aug. 28, 2015

    Inevitably, given the wide-ranging and multifaceted nature of the litter problem and the book's focus on public spaces, there are aspects of the topic that haven't been covered but Litter-ology has brought some new and valuable thinking to the table. We should for example, be think of "disposal behavior" rather than talking of littering, consider the "ikyness factor" when trying to encourage the use of bins and be mindful of the role of the "social contract" in influencing behaviour. These insights, combined with a chapter by chapter checklist that will ensure the success of your campaign, make the publication a worthwile addition to any litter activist or waste manager's library. And for those who want to delve deeper, there's a long list of references and a number of web-addresses scattered through the book. We only wish that, as we do, the authors made the distinction between rubbish (or trash in the USA), and litter. As we say, litter isn't litter until it hasn't made it to a bin - until then it's rubbish! A minor shortcoming in an excellent publication from which we can all learn. Zilch UK http://www.zilch.org.uk 28th August 2015