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I'd begun researching North American pre-contact history more than a decade ago, after spending some years with the Classic Ancient Mediterranean.

From Republican Rome and their resemblance of democracy I was hurled straight into the Great League of the Iroquois, studying their wise and amazingly detailed constitution. Fascinated, I couldn't help comparing both political structures, finding a few resembling points between the two. The articles, excitedly typed on the subject, I cannot find today, which is a great relief - I was not mature enough to write on such matters ten years ago.

The same fate awaited my first novel, which was far from being satisfactory both technically and otherwise (very ambitiously I went for the story of the Great Peacemaker himself, too young to realize that some historical characters you do not tamper with while writing fiction).

I see it today as another curve on the learning process of a growing up writer.

"The Cahokian" is a wholly different story. Two years ago I was mature enough to start working on the new project, being through with a thorough research and the writing classes. This time I knew better than to target real, even if long since dead, characters, building an accurate historical setting instead. Inspired by 'Shogun' of James Clavell, I wanted to present a somewhat similar clash between two very different cultures, when somewhere around the 14th century the luxurious but declining monarchists of the Mississippi meet the fierce democrats of the Great Lakes. And not a peaceful meeting it was...

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  • Pirates of Savannah: The Complete Trilogy (Adult Version) - Historical Fiction Action Adventure on Aug. 14, 2011

    Enjoyed this read very much! For me the United States' history began with the Revolutionary War for Independence. But "Pirates of Savannah" let me into the world of Colonial America, and such a diverse, colorful world it was. This novel is well researched and full of arrestingly vivid characters, everyone fascinating in his/her own way, everyone so different from another, people of different races, religions, upbringing, united in one common desire for freedom and equality. A history lesson combined with a fascinating story - what more can one ask?
  • Caring For Eleanor: A Novel on Nov. 17, 2011

    This is an amazing story of a woman who is strong deep inside, but who has been taught to act weak. Sadly it’s a story of many women all over the world. So many children are growing up in abusive families, just to pass on into abusive relationships. ‘Caring for Eleanor’ is an important book that should be in everyone’s collection. It reminds the reader that, while being patient, tolerant and kind toward the world, a person should not forget to exercise those qualities toward him/herself. Pushed toward the brink, Salma was strong enough to pick herself up and face the upcoming struggle for freedom. Taught to think of herself as unwise and unworthy from the early childhood, she finally raises her head and faces the real Salma. Her story unfolds with such serenity, such humanity, such understanding of people and their strengths and shortcomings. This novel is difficult to put down and it touches you to the marrow. Toward the middle of the novel I felt as if I'd known Salma for years, frustrated by my own inability to catch a good talk with her, to shake her off the blindness at her situation. A wonderful read that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of age or gender!!!
  • Blind Veil on Feb. 15, 2012

    Great tension, great premise Blind Veil is a very gripping, fast moving thriller that is difficult to put down. The tension never slacks as Lamont Simms, a very likable main character, discovers something he doesn’t sure he want to discover. Along with Simms, the reader is kept in a perpetual suspense, not knowing what will come next. This novel has a great pace and its premise is great. I love the way the author chose to present his story, the way the plot is revealed to the reader, slowly but surely, never boring, always keeping you on edge. I recommend this read to anyone who loves a great story.