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  • The Undead Heart (#1 in the Blood Thirst Series) on April 04, 2013

    The Undead Heart (#1 in The Blood Thirst Series) I love this book! From the first page eluding to mysterious "The Man", I could not stop reading it, I was hooked. This book takes you on a fantastic journey through a woman's life, making the paranormal and impossible seem like normal everyday life. From time travel, living with a different kind of vampire, and introducing new ideas and "people", this book opens up a new world. A world that feels like our own, including meeting Jack the Ripper (scary). I felt like I was really living her life with her. This book has something for everyone; action, romance, thrills, scares. The emotional roller coaster is so worth the ride!! I want more.
  • Paradise Squandered on June 02, 2013

    When I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I was expecting to be reading a book that would similar to those I have read before. We all know the ones about a teenager who deals with adversity and comes out smelling like a rose. That is not what I got. This book at first confused me, I felt like I had walked into the middle of a conversation. I actually stopped and restarted. Then with a slap on my forehead, I realized why. The author's unique perspective into the main characters life allows you to feel like you are 'in' the main characters head, thus my confusion. Imagine spending longer than 5 minutes in the head of an intoxicated teenage boy and you will understand. This voice gives the book a great quality of depth and feeling. It allows you to truly understand the reality of the growth of this character. It is well written and worth taking the time to read.