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Jez Bestiality
Latest book: Mom Walked In On Me Fucking The Dog.
Published August 30, 2023.
Jezebel Rose
Latest book: Becoming the Cow.
Published May 19, 2024.
Julie Law
Latest book: Gargoyle.
Published May 16, 2024.
Latest book: Lockdown Summer.
Published December 1, 2023.

Smashwords book reviews by ZorbotheGreat

  • Mom And I Were Bred At The Same Time And Had Puppies At The Same Time on Nov. 27, 2020
    (no rating)
    It was short, unimaginative and forgettable.
  • The Resistance Fighter on Nov. 27, 2020
    (no rating)
    This story is exciting, dramatic, very sexy and has an interesting development of its main character.
  • Caught! Dog Fucking and Breeding in the Tub (Caught! Series #7) on March 31, 2021

    A fun, sexy short story about finding happiness in unexpected places.
  • Already Pregged (Full Version) on Feb. 13, 2022

    Sexy, believable, romantic and very readable. Always love some hot pregnant sex action.
  • Ambition on Feb. 23, 2022

    An excellent story. A highly believable gradual build-up of the story, leading to some well hot and sexy taboo lovemaking.
  • A Complicated Favour on March 02, 2022

    Another excellent story from Xarth. A story of love, lust, lesbian sex, incest and baby-making floats my boat on many levels. Please keep up the great work, Xarth.
  • Curious Cousin on March 07, 2022

    The shy, but sexually curious, teen girl and the sexually frustrated, pregnant housewife getting together for some lesbian fun isn't a very original basis of a story, but the author has built a fun and very sexy lesbian incest story on that basis. Well worth a read. Nice job, Kaye Bee.
  • Fertile for Her Best Friend's Wife: A Messy Futa-On-Female Affair on March 26, 2022

    Another very sexy, and lusty story from Madeline. Well written and compels you to keep reading to follow the interesting characters. Has relatively realistic emotional highs and lows. Well worth a read, for the story as well as the wet, sloppy sex scenes. Keep up the good work, and the adventures of horny ladies who love beautiful women with big throbbing, splooge-filled cocks, Madeline.
  • Babysitter on May 11, 2022

    A very competent, fairly short, erotic romance story. Not a terribly original basic structure, but a pleasant, sexy lesbian romance story. A good choice as a fairly quick read for anyone interested in lesbian romance and/or impregnation stories.
  • Her Fertile Futa Rendezvous: A Secret Futa-on-Female Conception on Nov. 07, 2022

    Lots of sexy action; but is one of those sort of stories where a good girl becomes a mindless, extremely submissive, mega-slut. Definitely not one of my personal fetishes.
  • Fertile for Her Futa Stepsister on Nov. 10, 2022

    Another excellent piece of erotic fiction from Madeline. Interesting story, fairly likeable characters, an ending that I think most readers will find agreeable; and, very importantly, lots of lusty, messy Futa fucking.
  • Her Fertile Futa Double Down: A Fruitful Futa-On-Female Gamble on Jan. 02, 2023

    A fun, sexy story; with likeable interesting characters and plenty of hot sex. A religious extremist, sexist pig of a fundamentalist preacher for a villain is a nice bonus.
  • Hired Lover on Jan. 19, 2023

    Another excellent story from Julie Law. Sexy, romantic and believable, within the rules of the story world, plus plenty of hot sex.
  • Her Wet Hot Futa Summer: A Fertile Futa-On-Female Obsession on Sep. 13, 2023

    A fun, erotic romance story with an interesting supernatural twist. A tasty dose of sexy erotica well worth a read.
  • Her Fertile Futa Peer Group: A Messy Futa-On-Female Awakening on Sep. 13, 2023

    A fun story of lusty teen futa's. Not exactly straining to create a deep, complex story, but worth a read for some fresh horny teens action.
  • Her Potent Futa Double: A Fertile Futa-On-Female Invasion on Oct. 24, 2023

    Another fun, sexy offering from Madeline Dusk. A bit of sci-fi makes a nice change of plot basis, with plenty of hot messy sex and lusty ladies.
  • Runaway Princess on May 09, 2024

    Not super sexual, but definitely worth a read if you're looking for a nice romantic love story with some well written sex action.
  • Bride of Frankenfuta: A Frightful Futa-On-Female Halloween on May 10, 2024

    Another hot, sexy tale of lusty ladies and their impossibly large cocks from the lusty imagination of Madeline Dusk. Well worth a read for anyone seeking a horror adventure story with a big juicy side of wet sloppy lady sexing.