Smashwords book reviews by Zyzomys

  • The High Wizard Of Silvinesh on Aug. 06, 2010

    This book requires an experienced editor who is not related to the author. Someone needs to tell the author 50-year old women do not giggle, even if they are half-elves. (My 6-year old daughter giggles, while my 15-year old teenage daughter laughs, as does my wife.) Some plot lines needs strengthening (where did the Council go during the entire war) while some eliminated (who cares what the High Mage did with Stephen 400 years earlier!). There are some great ideas hidden amongst the verbiage and with some work, this story could shine. Chris
  • The Kinshield Legacy on Aug. 09, 2010

    This book is great and I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy novels.