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I’m a novelist obsessed with the power of fiction to impart strangeness, hermetic wisdom and, above all, wonder. I’ve published 22 novels and two short story collections. I love fantasy fiction. I love the courage of the human spirit to invest with real emotion experiences we know are entirely imaginary. And I love all of what ‘fantasy’ means to poetic thinkers.

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  • Tucked Away in Aragon on July 23, 2012

    In this marvelous collection of mythic fiction inspired by the author’s time in Aragon, Spain, we are deeply engaged. From the opening page, where cumulus clouds begin a conversation among themselves, we are captured by the writer’s communion with this land — as we journey from one millennium to the next in century-long strides. Hughes’s luminous and various stories are ever reframing our frame of reference — like the clouds-eye view he kicks-off with. Time travel, the Holy Grail, a genie and, God as well are characters in this fabulous collection. Rhys Hughes possesses the levity of the Trickster, a truth-teller in our absurd world.