Aaron Marcusson


The son of an English teacher and a biology teacher, Aaron has been reading and writing since he was very little. He has written numerous peer-reviewed and lay articles, but is now focusing on novels and short stories. His first novel, Vampire Redemption, was published in 2009 and its sequel, Vampire Rebellion, was published in 2011. He is currently working on the third book in the series as well as developing a few new intellectual properties. Aaron lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Melissa, and their numerous pets.

Aaron started out pretty normal, but two years of working in the cadaver lab in college changed him...twisted him. Scientists theorize the fumes he came in contact with caused this shift in Aaron's mind. He began dreaming of dead people, and while most would classify these nocturnal battles for sanity as nightmares, Aaron realized they could be fuel. Fuel for a new era of fiction.

Aaron is currently exorcising his demons through writing about them and is sleeping much more restfully...for now.

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Introduction to Aaron Marcusson and Vampire Redemption
Aaron introduces himself and his first novel, Chronicles of the Twelve: Vampire Redemption.

Aaron Marcusson / Chronicles of the Twelve: Vampire Redemption Intro Outtake
Aaron gets some on-camera help from his furry friend, Holstein.


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