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Jonathan Corey Mangan was born and grew up in the Rio Grande Valley near the border with Mexico. Woven into his fabric is his immediate family including: a fly scientist, a fish artist and a budding physicist/mathematician. Some older ties include: an Irish immigrant who was able to pay passage to the New World after stealing the family’s pigs; a Binghamton, New York printer; a Kennedy Administration government lawyer (see: South Padre Island National Seashore and the trans-Alaskan pipeline); a very short Boer fleeing the British invasion and scorched-earth policies in Johannesburg, Africa; a wildcat oilman who did magic tricks and played the banjo; a divorced six-foot daughter of the American Revolution who became a California homesteader; a Ford Dealer who after 45 years as a pillar of the community was outcast for defending his home with a shotgun; the Dalton brothers; and a popular 1950’s Texas rodeo clown. Unfortunately, Corey only personally knew the fly scientist, fish artist and budding physicist/mathematician.

In attempts to please his parents and sister who encouraged his natural athleticism (he walked at 9 months and could hit a pitched ball at age 2) he dislocated both arms in gymnastics at age six which may have been why he gave up guitar at age 8. By 12 the arms had healed well enough to consider aspirations in basketball (thwarted when his height mimicked his Boer ancestor at just under 5 feet) and turned to baseball becoming an ace curveball pitcher and intelligent 2nd baseman but was replaced by ringers from Reynosa when his coach wanted someone who weighed over 60 pounds. This also proved a problem in 8th grade football when a late block left him shoeless. Shoes weren’t needed for swimming so, following his father’s wake, he became a ‘butterflier’ but quit because the coach was his 8th grade science teacher who nearly failed him for taking his quizzes and tests with a red-ink pen.

Despite a late growth spurt that stretched him to 5 feet - 5 inches tall and weighing in at over 110 pounds, depression and addictions consumed his late teen years. Writing has assisted him in independently overcoming these problems, clarifying and celebrating his triumph, and providing a transformative purpose that is, at last, his idea. Writing has delivered a satisfaction that well exceeds his earlier success as a 2nd grade mentor to a kindergartner for a year and his tap-out win racing his sister swimming butterfly across a really cold, wide river near Greenfield, Massachusetts in 2004.

Corey welcomes inquiries from those interested in utilizing his poetry as spoken word and/or song lyrics. He may be contacted at


Price: $3.50 USD. Words: 15,810. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » Music » Rap and hip hop, Fiction » Poetry » American poetry
A study of the transitive powers of the creative process, this hip-hop inspired collection of 53 poems celebrates one teen’s personal journey through and independent triumph over depression and addiction. Spokenword artist/lyricist, Jonathan Corey Mangan, collaborates with artist, Chris Mari van Dyck, with 19 drawings including the initial 11 cartoons of the artist's 'EvolvingFish Tales Series'.

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