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  • Eternal on June 22, 2010

    4.8 stars. Thoroughly enjoyed this story. Not the traditional romance and the sexuality is totally appropriate to the context. Looking forward to reading more by this author. Would give 5 stars if fixed the Kindle version to eliminate random bolding of large sections, a few grammatical errors and could make the title appear on Kindle instead of arbitrary, meaningless tmp name.
  • The games we play on Sep. 02, 2010

    Extremely short but packs a punch. I burst out laughing at the end. To say any more would ruin it for others. Looking forward to sampling more from this author.
  • My Operation on Sep. 09, 2010

    Ernest, Thank you for posting your thoughts. I am pulling for you. I have been through my own cancer surgery (now 18+ years cancer free), and believe that positive attitude will be the most important single thing you can do to improve your chances. So my advice is, for the next 3 weeks pre-surgery, try to get yourself in the best condition you can and remind yourself that the when you come out of surgery you are going to be cancer free. Go for as many walks as possible, take deep breaths, be glad that they found it now while it is small. You are in my thoughts and I will be watching for your next post telling us how you are doing.
  • Musings While Doing Research On The Internet on Feb. 04, 2011

    Ernest, Enjoyed your short diversion (I suspect the diversion lasted longer than it took to write about it). Looking forward to finding out what happens with Harold & Stacy. Must confess I like dirty little stories too, thank goodness for the anonymity of the internet. (Had to do my own internet interruption to look up the spelling of that.) Glad to see you're back to health. I always check to see if you are one of the reviewers on the rated stories. You hardly ever steer me wrong. Keep writing.
  • Corporal Punishment on March 01, 2011

    Loved the ending. Don't know how I missed this one; so glad you pointed out to read it first when I found 'Next Sex Game'. Now I know why you were searching the internet for bra closures!
  • The Next Sex Game of Stacy and Harold South? on March 02, 2011

    Great that Harold (and reader) is left wondering. How is he going to top this one? Hope you don't make us wait very long to find out. There were some awkward phrases, grammar & font changes that could be cleaned up with another proofing. But appreciate that you now offer more than PDF format.
  • Stacy and Harold Go Streaking on March 24, 2011
    (no rating)
    Don't stop. I want to hear more about Stacy & Harold. I'm a little behind due to ebook week & know I owe you a reply on comments to a previous story. But I actually have been speculating on what you might come up with next. So keep them coming.
  • You Choose on April 07, 2011

    I liked it. Give it 3.5 stars. Since can't give half stars, I'll put 4 to balance out Ernie's 2. Give it a try & see for yourself.
  • The Candle on April 23, 2011

    I read this awhile ago & absolutely loved it. Had me guessing how the obstacles were going to be overcome & still the final resolution caught me by surprise. Don't want to spoil it by saying more. I had to convert a pdf version to mobi & had issues with inserting extra spaces when words ended with 'lly', so if you do convert be sure to keep ligatures. So happy that it is now on Smashwords where you can download the formats you want. I plan to replace my converted file with this one & enjoy reading it again. Thanks Shawn for a delightful book. Plan to start Melody & the Pier to Forever soon, which I think is an entirely different kind of book.
  • Musings while in traffic on July 15, 2011

    What fun trying to guess what it means. More fun doing it over a bottle of wine with friends (alas not at the moment) instead of in traffic. Ernie, good luck with your publishing contract. Glad to see you still have time to post some shorties for your fans. Why did I think you lived in the southwest? Maybe your bio pic. Jealous to find out you're in Hawaii. Love the photo.
  • Redemption (5 Short Stories) on Aug. 14, 2011
    (no rating)
    First story was so upsetting that I almost didn't read any further. In The Bride, phrase "a moment’s piece" should be "a moment’s peace". Of the first 3 stories, I thought the third did the best job of illustrating the point. Browser too slow to continue reading online.
  • Bad Almond: A Short Story on Aug. 14, 2011

    Interesting visuals those almonds conjured up. You have a vivid imagination. When I first read "She only wears shoes in pictures", I immediately saw your grandmother sitting there naked wearing only shoes. Hardly appropriate when posing for her college-age grandson. I think you meant she wears shoes in pictures and is barefoot the rest of the time. Nothing wrong with your sentence, my brain just interpreted it as "She wears only shoes in pictures". So which one of us has the more vivid imagination? Hope you get mostly good almonds from now on. Just wondering, was it the bleach that killed him?