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  • Hekate's Passage: A Story of Sex and Rock'n'Roll, Part 1, Vol. 1 on March 28, 2013

    Whenever I get to read erotica it always leaves me 'unsated', there's just not enough sex in the books I've read and the sex itself is also not good enough. I must say I have enough of 'bad, unsatisfactory' sex, as it happens too often in real life. So when I read erotica I want a lot of it and I want 'the best quality', sex aces, male (and also female) charactars that really know the ropes. Hekate's Passage gave all of this to me. The rockers are horny and sex-wise, capable of making their lovers have multiple mega orgasms and this is what I love. The sex scenes decriptions are stirring and also long enough to get me inspired ;) which in my opinion is what erotica is about. The way the (male) characters are decribed makes me want them too. I just can't decide which one, all of them are desireable enough. I also like the ending - as I understand, it's the first part of the volume. I'm definitely going to read the second one when it's out. In general the book is very inspiring and fun to read as the non sexual contents is also interesting and in line with the general image of rockers as such.
  • Hekate's Passage, a story of sex and rock'n'roll, part 2, vol 1 on Oct. 20, 2013

    Sequels are usually said to be worse than the originals, however, strange as it may seem, this is not the case of Hekate's Passage part 2. Eleyne and Yasmin have managed to create a world and protagonists that seem so real that you can't help putting yourself in their places - even if personally I'm not a huge fan of heavy metal and I didn't recognize the band. So this is definitely hot. As I already said in my review of the first part, I love a lot of sex scenes in my erotica, and this book doesn't disappoint me in this respect. The sex is plenty, getting more and more kinky - kind of 'logically kinky", the male characters are slowly introducing their lovers to deeper but pleasurable perversions. I have to admit - the descriptions got my squirming in my seat. I can only recommend this book. Keep up the good work, ladies.