A.D. Duling enjoys writing books filled to the brim with magic,adventure and of course romance. She writes Paranormal romance and Urban fantasy novels. The paranormal has always captured her interest and who doesn't love romance? Sometimes its just fun living in fantasy rather than reality.

When she's not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature she would think of (oh and she would!), A.D. loves painting Folk Art, reading, spending time with family, and running slowly.

A.D. lives in sunny Florida with her husband,six children (yes that was not an error) three dogs, two guinea pigs, two turtles and a few fish. Whew!

Want to read more about her? Go to www(dot)adduling (dot) com and find out more!

Her books:

The key- #1 Anna Kippling Series
The Tokens- #2 Anna Kippling Series
One of Them- Urban Fantasy

Coming late Feb. 2012 The Stones- #3 Anna Kippling Series

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Stalking Claire Stevens promo
Price: Free! Words: 2,020. Language: English. Published: October 11, 2012 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Mystery & Detective
Think of as many nasty labels for a human being you can possibly think of in only a second of time given and then double it; no triple it! After that form it like clay, chisel it out like marble until perfection is formed and then call it Claire Stevens. Claire Stevens had me murdered and I'm going to bring her to justice. This is why I am Stalking Claire Stevens...

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Smashwords book reviews by A.D.Duling

  • Black Tie on Oct. 16, 2011

    I was directed to this book by promotion of the author. As tis is not my normal Genre of reading, I took a chance and am happy I did. From the beginning you are pulled into the mind of the character in his quest to figure out where he is and how to get out. I could really connect with the character, a man, nameless to the end and perfectly fine. He is definately a determined individual and it pays off. The description and imagaination of the author is amazing! Creativity, genius! Minor gramical errors(like I have room to speak) but over all the flow of the writing and story was great. I am also wondering if there will be a sequel? I actually do hope because I am left wanting to hear more. What happens after that...ok no more because I will ruin it for future readers. Well Mr. Shamoo, I am you first reviewer and should not be the last, I very much enjoyed your story(read it in one sitting, so good!) and look foward to more(hint, hint). You have a talent, your writing is very descriptive and your imagination is very impressive! Keep writing and very, very impressive...22? Very impressive! 4 stars for grammer(hey mine would probably be three, so don't let me damper you:0) 5 stars for story line 5 stars on connection with character(s) Can't think of anything else(can u tell I am not a professional) my overall rating...well duh 5 STARS! I recommend this read and good luck author...AD
  • Tick tock on Oct. 16, 2011

    Not bad....as a woman myself, I can relate to the character. Aging is a fear, for us women, it can be devestating. My only complaint: I think the author may have written the story to quickly.Great ending,yet I think she may have jumped to quickly from scene to scene..play it out a little more before getting to the ending. Such as a little more detail ....play out the annoyances a bit more, add a few more,make each next one more annoying that the other, then BLAM! :0) Hope this helped more than confused? :0) Other than that well done! My ratings: 4 stars for grammer 4 stars for character relation/connection 3 stars for story substance If this is your 1st, wonderfully done. I encourage you to write more...perhaps after a few you can combine them into a book. Get more gory, I think you would be suprised how really psyco you could get with your characters freakouts and write some really great thrillers....I am not a professional, but I love to help fellow Indie authors with reviews. Remember this, if it sucked,I would't review(not into bashing) so you have a great start here. Write more, I would love to read them and thanks for sharing! AD
  • Room Service on Oct. 16, 2011

    H.K. Hillman is very comfortable in thriller/horror storytelling. Wow! It is amazing what the rich will think of and pay for.:0) I agree with the other review...a great read for halloween! I think this author is on a right start in their work. I see there are other books and will have to check them out.... 4 stars grammer(minor mistakes-Like mine would be better:0) 3 stars with character relation/connection(only b/c to short to really relate, but I did connect with Bob at the end,poor, poor Bob. And your heart goes out to possible next victims(enough, don't want to ruin) 5 stars for imagination and story line--a great read, great concept Again, I am not a professional Reviewer, just a fellow Indie author who loves to read and loves to help a fellow author. Thanks for sharing and gonna check out those other reads! AD P.S. Looking foward to more and am sure there will be!
  • A Little Knowledge... on Oct. 16, 2011

    I really enjoyed this story...was actually frustrated when it ended! Wanted to read more....will there be? 5 stars for imagination & storyline 5 stars for grammar (I did not see any mistakes and the flow was perfect:0) 5 stars for character relation/connection I really liked the brothers and could connect with both. You could see the love Javier had for his brother, his tenderness,appreciation and patience. I could relate to Juimmy, his frustration at his mental limitations, his innocence and nieveness, that results in hurting both brothers as Javier realizes a consequence to an earlier choice. My only complaint...more! Tell me more!I know sometimes stories have to end, but this one...I am wanting more and that is good!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I like the ending, funny! AD
  • A War to Come on Oct. 17, 2011

    A great start. The concept is great,I see a very interesting story coming out of this. However, I am left confused, is this it for this book? I am assuming this is a share to get readers feedback....I also assume the author plans to add more to this book. So I will not comment on the length. Ok for grammar I give 4 stars, the story flowed, I had no problem reading along. My only complaints are, I feel the author might be rushing to tell the story...do not be afraid to let it play out more, it seems to jump a little too much. Second complaint,no biggie, but may help, three of the characters names started with a C. It did cause a little confusion on deciphering between them. Character relation/connection--4 stars. I could relate, but not the strongest connection just yet. Probably because this is a start. The way the story is playing I already can tell I am going to relate to Clayton and the Queen. The king I will hate. I think the Wizard will play a strong role in the story as well and I will like him. So it is set up great leaving me wonderin what will happen, how it ends...yet I was frustrated as well.Instantly I felt "What?! This is it? What is going on? This may frustrate readers and it may scare them off. Small suggestion: If this is to get feedback(I def do not think this should be it for this one book...at least yet.) leave something at the end explaining your purpose for your share. like "I have an idea of this great story and want to know what readers think so far?" So all in all.... a great start!Sounds like its gonna be a great story! Good luck! 4stars- grammer (hey I have my own, and yours was not bad...really) 4 stars to character realation/connection 4 stars for story concept(4 was the due to confusion at end) Overall 4 stars! I am not a professional reviewer...a fellow "Indie" who loves a free read and loves to help fellow authors. I look foward to what will happen next in this one and encourage others to read and share your own thoughts...it is Free:0) Thanks for sharing! AD
  • The Disembodied on Oct. 18, 2011

    It's Halloween season and I was in the mood for something scary....been really enjoying them! Speaking of which... ok my review: 4stars for grammar- minor,mostly spelling and a little punctuation(butI'm no pro) 4 stars for storyline/concept- I liked the idea of the story...really cool. I know it is meant to be a short....so I'm keeping this in mind. The flow was great, I could easily read it and understand. I did somehow at the beggining assume it was an earlier time period by the unusual activity of sewing the mouth closed. Was suprised by the mention of video games that it was not. The story may come across better with the ambiance of the dated period with the small town having a lack of easy communication to the outside and limited technology/ ways to destroy these creatures... but overall an enjoyable story:0) 3 stars for character relation/connection- I could relate to the characters and their fears, being a parent myself. But nothing to deep, hence the short story:0) overall an enjoyable read and thankyou for sharing! Good luck! AD Scary!!! You can sew my mouth up!
  • Dreams Both Real and Strange on Nov. 17, 2011

    ooooohhhhhh!!! Wonderful!!! Two are to be continued! I enjoyed them all, but was sucked into the last story and stress to the author....please continue!!! I want to know what happens next! I loved it!! I found your book via promote your book and am glad that I did! Readers....read this!!! ok...my ratinings Grammer- I give 4 stars out of five because there were teeny tiny errors noticed, but I am not a pro so that is all I say... Storyline- Great concepts,very imaginative and versitle! I liked where the "too be continued" ones went and they drew me in, especially the last! character connetion/relation- 4 out of 5! I could relate...especially with Anne,Wraieth(did I spell that right?) and Lena...I felt for the girl collecting the "payment"...I understood the man's regrets...one story inside I did like, but I feel the story was told a bit too haste and I could not completely connect.... But,overall 5 stars! Thanks for the share and good luck! And.....definitely continue writing!!! AD P.S. I am not a professional reviewer, but love to help fellow "Indie" authors. I hope that by giving my review will help to encourage other readers to want to read and leave their reviews for the authors as well:0) Please do they are very important to us!
  • Fantasies of the Waking Dreamer on Feb. 07, 2012

    I am not a avid poetry reader...but I do enjoy my poetry. I am a great fan of K.W. McCabe's mind and her writing and did enjoy this selection(free was a bonus!) I enjoyed her perspective of nature, celebrations and appreciation. I do not know how to rate poetry, so I rate this book based on my enjoyment and the beautiful flow in which K.W. wrote her poetry. Beautiful words, detail and depth can be found inside. Upload,enjoy and ponder over this selection of poetry from a very talented writer....
  • Coffee Break Story - Unfinished Business on Feb. 08, 2012

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I was directed to this book through a tweet and glad that I found it! I loved every bit of it and sad that it's only a short... a wonderfully well written book and lovely characters...Catherine Daly is superb!
  • Froggy Love on May 03, 2012

    Hilarious! I thought this was a different version of the Princess and the Frog, but whoa! What a twist, too funny! Something great to read to the kiddies as well... Loved it K.W.!