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Born in Hazara region of North Western Pakistan in 1953, M. Ashraf Adeel is a philosopher, poet and a playwright. He was educated in his native region at Gandhian and Baffa schools, Islamia College Peshawar, University of Peshawar, and, University of Hawaii from where he obtained his PhD with distinction under the supervision of famous logician Irving M. Copi.
Adeel's philosophical interests include contemporary philosophy of language and science as well as modern Islamic thought. His book on language and underdetermination in Quine and Davidson has recently been published under the title: How Do We Deal With Different World Views If They Are Based On The Same Evidence: The Philosophical Problem of Underdetermination in Quine and Davidson. The book is a sustained defense of underdetemination and possibility of alternative conceptual schemes or world views both in science and in general. He has recently published such articles as "Modernity and Muslims: A Selective Retrieval" (2011) and "Diversity and Exclusivity: A Religion Needs Both," (2009) in American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, and "Islamic Ethics and the Controversy about the Moral Heart of Confucianism," in Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, 2008. He is particularly interested in pluralism (religious, epistemic, and that of conceptual schemes), traditions and modernity, and Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein. Some of his earlier work includes "Faith, Violence, and Our Integral Humanity: An Ecological Perspective," American Philosophical Association Newsletters, Newsletter on International Cooperation, 2005, "Tarski's Theory of Truth and Davidson's Semantics," The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1994, and "Language and Translatability" Tarski versus Davidson," International Philosophical Quarterly, 1991.
Adeel's poetry is primarily in Urdu and he has been publishing both Urdu Ghazzzals and Nazms in the leading literary journals for over 20 years now. His anthology Hawa kay Hath khaali Hain is in the process of publication. His long poem "Prindon ki Hijrat" was written during the tragic events of Bosnia Herzegovina.
Plays written by Adeel in Urdu and Hindko have been produced and telecast by Pakistan Television. Shakhsaar, Paharoan kay Dukh, and Jagday Khab are particularly worth mentioning.
Currently with Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, M. Ashraf Adeel has held a Professorship in Philosophy at University of Peshawar and worked as the founding Vice-Chancellor of Hazara University in Pakistan. He was a senior Visiting Fellow at Linacre College Oxford in 1999 and has also served as President of Pakistan's Philosophical Congress (the country's premier association of philosophers) as well as Federation of all Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations.

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