Adele Lubin


Adele Lubin was brought up in North London, the daughter of a Jewish tailor. From an early age, she found that men just couldn’t keep their hands off her. She had her first sexual encounter at 12 and lost her virginity at 15. There followed three marriages and a string of relationships with other men, many of whom treated her appallingly - she was abused, lied to, even robbed.

After a series of jobs which ranged from dressmaking and running a café to driving instruction, Adele decided to take up a profession and took time off to study electrolysis, aromatherapy and massage. She started a massage business in her home, and very soon some of her staff were offering the customers a good deal more than just massage.

Customers enjoyed the service and the girls, many of them immigrant workers, appreciated the chance to earn decent money in a safe environment. Everyone was happy – except the law. There was a police raid, and Adele was arrested. In 2008 she began a 15-month jail sentence for controlling prostitution.

Now a free woman, she has written her full and unexpurgated story.

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