Robert Burke


Retired from a career as an Information Technology (IT) manager, Robert Burke is a Colorado-based author, photographer, amd digital artist. "As an IT guy, I wrote and edited hundreds of technical documents. That attention to detail helps me write dynamic action sequences that put readers into the scene." The author developed a passion for photography at the age of fifteen when he lived for a month on Hokkaido Island in Japan. "What I like about photography is the ability to capture detail and realism, but I also enjoy what sometimes can be left to the imagination, either through photographic technique or digital manipulation." "adobeDreams" is Robert's first novel, but not his last. "My primary goal as a writer is to entertain, but I also hope that readers come away with something that inspires them to make healthful changes in their own lives." Currently Robert is exploring the holistic health field and is a Reiki master practitioner.

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