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Adrianna Stepiano writes from the insanity of the heart and life, bringing us into the comfort of the lame and found. After falling into the spiral of stress induced inabilities, Adrianna established her restorative routine through writing poetry and worshiping all things related to the simplexes of existence and form. Finding most of her inspiration through biblical texts and experiences related to familial make-up, Adrianna rewired her thinking into calm creativeness. Her mind lays the framework for lyrical poetry and the maintaining of sanity there in.

Adrianna is an independent author and performance poet residing in the long awaited hours of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. She keeps herself poised with graphic design clients and paints for life and fellowship. After corporate duties, Adrianna has branched out with a freelance awakening and has maintained a professional collegiate teaching process for over 12 years in the areas of Motion Graphic Design and Animation.

Many of Adrianna’s difficulties with anxiety stem from witnessing three workplace shooting situations at three different employers. Instead of advocating for violence and gun control, Adrianna has turned to the root of civility and problem solving, pushing her efforts to regain safety through words of sanity. She believes intently that if mental health was given a higher weight and care in society the assaults and battering of lives would decrease in size. Simply put, treat the sick and mend the mind to find the peace within.

Actions don’t always speak louder than words. Adrianna trusts her senses and provides an apology for the emotions she reaches within you, as your interpretation of her poetry is exactly what she was meaning for you to take.


Smashwords Interview

Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite authors stretch over several genres. First of all, I have a guilty pleasure; I'm a huge romance reader. Not the erotica romance, more of the feel-good romance. Typically, I'll read authors like Nicholas Sparks or Sophie Kinsella. I'm not much of a serious reader, the 'too close to the real struggle of life' stuff gets to me, it bums me out. However, I can't get enough of Khaled Hosseini. His books are devastatingly beautiful. I feel the same way about Lisa See's novels. Her writing is beautiful and though they contain quite a bit of life's struggles, I can't put them down. Peony in Love was one of those novels. It was a bit of fantasy combined with real life. Great book!

Of course, because I write YA Fiction, I read a lot of YA Fiction. I try to read fellow indie authors. One of my favorite indie authors is Colee Firman, her Unbinding Fate series is spectacular. I also read Amy A. Bartol. Both of these authors reside in Michigan, that's probably why they have appealed to me, as I am also a Michigan based indie author. Read them, they're great!
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
As I'm a late night writer, I really do need inspiration to get out of bed each day, so this question is very fitting. First, I have school aged children, so technically I'm forced out of bed. What keeps me awake? Well, that's easy to answer. The 'story' keeps me from crawling back into my bed on those harsh winter mornings. What I mean by the 'story' is; I constantly have possible scenes swirling around in my head. They're there until I pull them out by writing them down. I can't relax until that scene is out of my head and onto the paper.
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This Christian Covered Life
Price: $8.00 USD. Words: 10,120. Language: English. Published: March 13, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Female authors
This is a collection of poetry and essay. This revelation of Christ is written through artistic poetic lyrics and jointly created to create a listening tongue when read with love. The season of God is upon us, the fright of our lives still does haunt so seek Thee through soft words of love and joy, in this book you will find many.

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