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I am a curious guy who likes to read (physical and digital) books.
Tea, video games are also among my interests.
I like to listen to music on vinyl discs.

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  • Truth: A BDSM Lesbian Abduction Fantasy on Nov. 12, 2015

    I think this is the best girl-on-girl story I have ever read. The story is rather cool, some parts are expected but there are several unexpected developments too. Some passages are very hot, some will make you feel uncomfortable. The characters are not one-dimensional at all and this depth makes the story even more enjoyable. I think this actually be the best erotica story I have ever read.
  • Hussy: Tempting Taboo Brats on Jan. 26, 2016

    As often with Hunter Darkly's stories I did not exactly know what to expect from her new creation. Of course the description above will give you an idea of how the events will unfold. What I did not expect was how "Hussy" thinks. She is a brat and a naughty girl for sure but she is also strong-willed and has spirit ! She takes control of the events and things get really naughty when she does. This story is taboo, very funny and quite arousing. Hunter Darkly is rather expert at mixing naughty situations, humour and well designed characters. No matter how crazy the events may turn they always make sense in some way (at least for one of the characters) and the story stays believable. This is way I was caught and blown away while reading "Hussy". Although group sex is not really my thing I loved this story and I loved "Hussy".
  • Celia: Extra Mature: A Celebration of the Older Lady on Feb. 03, 2016

    The story of Celia is actually a beautiful story. Of course it is about sex ! Obviously Celia is an older lady and this could be a turn-down for some people. However I am pretty sure that it would not be the case for most readers. Celia is a fine older lady who has spirit, not like some other fiercer characters created by Darkly but she is witty. Celia is a widow and feels lonely. She also hasn't been intimate with someone else since her husband died and the book opens to a juicy conversation between our main character and her daughter about desire. This is the part of the book where Hunter Darkly writes some delicious pieces of dialogues that are almost like a signature. The story of Celia is probably less taboo than other ones written by Hunter Darkly. What made it special to me is that Celia will get back in touch with her sexuality (this wouldn't be erotica otherwise). While the sex is rather hot I found it almost more interesting and moving to experience the sexuality as it can be lived by older people. I won't spoil the story it is not dull and boring ! This story is actually full of hope and positivity ! I would strongly recommend any curious reader to give this story a try. I did and I was not disappointed !
  • Riding the D Train 1 on Feb. 25, 2016

    What a ride ! I was hooked from paragraph 1 which made me smile and wanted to read all about Karen's crazy ride. The story is written from a first-person perspective. Our main character will tell us about the (probably) best ride of her life which all starts from a supposed urban legend. This perspective is the perfect way to describe the naughty things that will happen in this train. No details will be spared and you will experience all of this through Karen's emotions and physical sensation. And you will certainly enjoy this. Karen is a strong-willed person and possible a "bad" girl too. She is exactly the type of character I like to meet in my erotica readings. She knows what she wants and she gets it. The other characters are rather anonymous however one of them appears to be a subtle mix of a gentleman and a rough guy. The combination of Karen and this gentle/rough-man is a nice choice to create a story of a woman who wants to stretch the boundaries of her sexuality and the limits of her body. It creates a mild-taboo that is rather exciting as it is never falling in the side of "forced seduction" or unconsensual sex. The writing is good despite some few typo (which are still rare and do not impact the reading experience badly). Add a little touch of sarcasm, dark humour and you will get a great erotica story. I highly recommend this book.
  • Joan: Extra Mature: A Celebration of the Older Lady on Feb. 29, 2016

    The story of Joan looks like a slightly cruel mix of Tales from the Crypt with a touch of erotica.I was caught by this book and I was thrilled to read it to the end. The writing is good (as it is in all of Hunter Darkly books) and the characters are very human. Joan is very dynamic while her husband seems to be stuck in a wait-and-see attitude yet complains a lot. So why do I rate it only 3 stars ? The only reason I did not give it a higher rating is that it is rather light on the erotica side and it is also hard to categorize. It definitely features some erotica content yet it is not *just* erotica. Part comedy, part drama this story is hard to define. The sex scene is rather rather short. At the same time is also good and has a symbolic reach that is very interesting. What is very good however is how we get to that sexual act. All the tension and manipulations behind it. This is what I liked about it. In the end I think "Joan" is a very enjoyable read anyway. You will appreciate it if you are looking for a naughty short story a little different from other purely literary porn works.
  • Daddy Please? Show Me What My Pussy Is For! on Aug. 13, 2016

    This book is indeed very taboo and crazy-nasty. I am no big fan of taboo erotica, this was more or less my first reading of that kind of sex stories. However there is definitely a lot of naughty (twisted ?) things going on here, some of them may look unbelievable. However they serve Bitsy's plan as she needs a lot of almost-desperate measures to catch her prey. You will love this book if you are into incest and taboo stories or if you can forget these aspects while reading the story (my final score takes that later assumption into account).
  • Ms. Fix-It: Trish and Her Fairytale Night on Oct. 08, 2016

    I have read several blog entries written by M. J. Spencer before reading this book. Thus I had little doubt that this reading was going to be great. Indeed I have not been disappointed. This short story has everything I like in girl on girl sex. The heat rises very quickly in the first paragraphs. The tension increases. Then things get hotter and sweaty and wet. The only thing that holds me from giving 5 stars to this book is that I found it a little short. If you need a quick fix, then you cannot go wrong with this story. Be warned though, it may be quick but it is very strong: highly concentrated in lesbian sex. I want more !
  • Madame Gretchen on Jan. 22, 2017

    This book looks almost like a documentary about BDSM, an introduction to his world. However it is not a documentary but rather a very-well-documented hot story about a group of people who want to enter the Iron Maiden, a BDSM dungeon. All the characters who are depicted here are interesting, and diving into their stories was really fascinating. I loved the end of the book because it made each single character really stand out, Madame Gretchen being the common point between all of them (obviously).