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  • The Evolution of Human Intellect --- Discover the Information that Schools and Religions Aren’t Yet Teaching on June 08, 2012

    When I started this book, it made me think "Did I really want to read a weird book of movie scenes, what is the point in it?". But from somewhere from chapter 3-4 it started to make sense. In the end even the weird starting made sense, it all found its place. It is a story about the evolution of human thinking - how it has changed during the history, when and how, and how it has influenced our future. And it is all wrapped inside of a science fiction story. (And I love SciFi.) It was quite interesting and I must say thanks to the author of the book, who gave it to me. It was good reading in the end, even if I disagreed with this in the middle of the book. :) My realization is now: Do not judge a book by its first chapters!
  • UnChristianed Nation: What Would a U.S. Christian Nation Look Like? on Feb. 06, 2014

    This essay is quite a good one. It is well written and makes you think critically about religion, America and Christianity and how much Christianity and the understanding of it has changed from the beginning of it till now.