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Welsh-born Andy Frankham-Allen's passion for writing began with a love of Doctor Who. He's been writing since as far back as he can remember, and, although unsuccessful, he wrote a Doctor Who novel for BBC Books in 1996 after an accident caused him to out of work for four months. Following that writing fell back into a hobby until 2001 when he began an ongoing fan-fiction series called Doctor Who: The Legacy, which carried on until 2006. This led to professional Doctor Who short stories in Big Finish's anthology series, Short Trips, from 2004 to 2009. During which time he wrote an audio drama for Noise Monster's Space 1889 series. In 2007 he created and co-edited a new eZine called Pantechnicon, for which he also wrote short stories in interviews. In March 2010 he self-published a trial-edition of the first book in his cross-genre Garden Saga, Seeker, to gauge the general readership it attracts. The book is now under consideration by an independent publishing company.

He has several stories in the pipeline for release over the coming months (both shorts and novellas), and is currently researching the second part of The Garden Saga. When he's not writing, which isn't very often, he can be found in a little glass box in Cardiff selling coffee and pasties (and making copious amounts of notes for his various writing projects).

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