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  • The Clark Kent Chronicles on May 05, 2012

    This book was great. It was full of hilarious anecdotes- from lacrosse gloves to lawnmowers, there were endless stories to keep me laughing. The author does a really good job with balancing all the perks and pains of having an ADHD wonderkid. It shows all the funny, sweet, irritating, hilarious, endearing, and downright crazy things you can learn to love and expect. I couldn't stop reading it once I started! I highly recommend it for anyone with kids, friends, or loved ones that have ADHD.
  • Hot Flashes And Half Ironmans on May 05, 2012

    I never have been a huge fan of exercise (okay, that's an understatement), but the way Pamela talks about working and her stick-to-itness is really encouraging. A lot of the stories were simply hilarious. It was also helpful to read about someone else struggling with hormones and still looking at the bright side of things. The author also include a lot of helpful tips to deal with hormonal troubles- really great. I think that anyone who likes athletics or just needs encouragement should read this!
  • Puppalicious And Beyond on May 05, 2012

    Perfect for any animal lover! A lot of the stories were hilarious (loved the frog story), and some were more serious. The setting and background info made even the most unexpected stories interesting. I didn't think I'd be able to relate to animals in the Virgin Islands, but I loved the descriptions of the geckos and gungalos and even the bats. Pamela does a fantastic job of grabbing the reader's attention and keeping it. I loved everything about this book, read it cover to cover. All the stories about the Houston dogs and cat were funny and endearing. Hope there's more to come.
  • How To Screw Up Your Kids on May 05, 2012

    I loved this book! It was filled with hilarious stories that kept me laughing the whole time-- even my friends thought it was funny. Anyone who has ever had to deal with [step]kids (or, in my case, siblings) can relate to the mishaps and accomplishments of the family. This book is full of funny tales and great tips when it comes to blended families. P.S. Especially loved all the parts about Susanne. If you have a teenage girl in your house, this book is a must-have.