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  • The Fourth Branch on July 30, 2014

    I read "The Fourth Branch" on a plane ride from Boston to L.A. It is not a long read nor does it need to be. It is concise and to the point. The historical references, that support the conclusions within, are well delivered and easy to understand for all readers whether they are well versed in the political realities of today or not. The need to restrain the nature of the corrupt elite who populate the highest echelons of our Government is clear. The method of this restraint can, and is, being debated today. This book helps the lay person and the politically astute, alike, to understand the problem as well as a solution. I found the arguments for a fourth branch, the NUMA, compelling and easy to comprehend. I finished the book wishing the Author and his ideas were available to the Founders of our great nation, so that they might have availed themselves of its wisdom, and in so doing, help us to retain our rights in the face of a tyrannical onslaught by man's imperfect nature. This is not a political book. There are few, if any, popular references to the left/ right paradigm of today's troubled world. It is, in this reader's opinion, a blueprint for another generation's work and the tools they will need to restore man's Liberty. An eternal struggle that this book helps to understand. I can not begin to say how many times and on how many things I have wasted three bucks. This was not one of those times. -william durgan (reviewed within a month of purchase)