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  • Jack Dawkins on Sep. 10, 2013

    Jack Dawkins by Charlton Daines My rating: 3 of 5 stars I received a free copy of this ebook via Goodreads to review. A grown Jack Dawkins returns to London after fleeing the penal colony in Australia. Stepping off the ship he is instantly hit with the changes to the city and the old neighborhood he had grown up in with the cast of young thieves and their caretaker Fagin. Memories flood the mind and heart of the grown Artful Dodger. Beginning to ply his trade, Dawkins makes his way through the seedy underworld of London and finds in some ways, nothing ever changes. As he carouses among the wealthy, picking pockets along the way, Dawkins stumbles into his old friend; Oliver. ...Oliver, for his part, did not appear to share the sense of comradeship. "Once a thief always a thief, don't think I don't know that you'd steal from me just as quick as you please" "Oliver! You wound me!" Jack feigned deeply hurt feelings. "You done alright, but you was Fagin's boy, same as me." "For a day," Oliver countered. "Two if you count the kidnapping." As the friendship rekindles, Dawkins is introduced to Oliver's fiancé and her family. Then tragedy strikes, for their young child is kidnapped and as with the past and the kidnapping of Oliver; Jack Dawkins must once again become the Artful Dodger to save the child. Charlton Daines does a masterful job of picking up the story of Jack Dawkins and bringing about a mature and grown Artful Dodger. Who despite his strongest inclinations, actually desires to do good and become the man the Oliver once thought of as his friend. There are characters filling every page, reminiscent of Dickens and yet standing quite well on their own as well. A well written and enjoyable read. View all my reviews