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A G Mallaghan is a Scottish based horror author. He has written two books Godking and Deil (which is being sent out to various agents at the time of writing) and is currently writing a third book based on a zombie type apocalyptic event which will be the first of a series.

Born and raised in the west of Scotland, different areas of this sometimes wild and often beautiful country features as settings for his horror stories.

Godking is the story of a wounded war veteran (Ranald Machrin) who has recently been invalided out of the Marines. He has returned to his island home after his mother died and is trying to come to terms with his military life being over and the need for him to organise his late Mother’s estate. As he settles back into his old life with his childhood friends he begins to uncover some darkness from his past he had forgotten while he travelled the world. His family held a dark secret that wasn’t so secret. One of his ancestors was an evil king who ruled through black magic and fear. It was rumoured that he committed human sacrifices to bring victory in battles.

It isn’t long before Ranald is having nightmares and hallucinations where he thinks his ancestor is talking to him trying to tempt him into releasing him into the modern world. Ranald has been receiving treatment for post traumatic stress disorder and is uncertain whether he is hallucinating or if he is facing an evil spirit trying to possess him.

Deil is a classic vampire horror with a contemporary twist which is a cross between 30 Days of Night and Salem’s Lot set in contemporary Britain with most of the action happening in the picturesque but remote Southern Uplands of Scotland. It tells the story of two police officers who are dispatched to investigate the disappearance of a group of youths, electricity workers and a University archaeological team in the forests surrounding the village. During their investigations they discover some of the hidden dark history of the local area and stumble upon incidents that test their sanity before meeting up with a specialist army unit sent to control the situation through any means necessary. Chronologically this is the second book in a trilogy involving the vampires of this area with the two other books remaining to be written.

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