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Hi there,

This is someone from a far far away land who discovered this wonderful site very recently (Well the truth is 3 months or so down the line, I'd have to update this message :D)

He had almost lost interest in reading books, He did used to read a lot when he was 12, now he is 23 and when he first got his big eyes on 'Bread from the Sky' by Marie Mc. Carthy , he knew instantly he has been missing an incredible amount of wealth that this Books can be and from now on, he shall not lurk in shadows anymore.

Thanks for being here,

Oh and please check out that Book :)

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Marie McCarthy
Latest book: Bread From the Sky.
Published January 2, 2011. (5.00 from 2 reviews)

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  • Bread From the Sky on Jan. 20, 2011

    I read this book last week and was captivated as soon as I started, well this book to me is not just a handful of memories, its much more than that, its a one in a lifetime of a life-changing experience. Even though it may just be based on a two year time period it successfully manages to depict the harsh, sort of unheard but truth of an impoverished country called ‘Togo’ which is in the western part of the African Continent. At the age of 43 the Author travels to Africa as a volunteer for the Peace Corps (with other volunteers), where she has a great adventure, makes lot of friends and is loved by people wherever she goes, She’s helped by total strangers, She’s respected as sister and a daughter, Kids like her, Men want to marry her, people care for her, but wait there’s a catch !! It isn’t always so lovely and heavenly as it may sound, Life in Africa isn’t too easy especially for someone who is born and raised in the U.S where the standard of living is among the highest in the world including the Human Development Index, life in Africa is still very very primitive, Electricity and basic necessities like water taps are even beyond the leisure list, Mosquitoes are too many, Snakes and other venomous creatures can be very well lurking in the bush next to her house, Food doesn’t have much variety, and on top of that she has to deal with lazy and corrupt people for her work there as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Even though this is a non-fictional book it is filled with characters some that I hated and some that I loved, it has its fair share of Happiness, Thrill, Sadness, Adventure, and many many funny moments, I really liked the book and that’s why maybe I tried to finish up at the first time I started reading it and I almost read it the whole night, I was so much hooked as the Journey throughout is so much captivating. Recommended for everyone (17+) you’re bound to love it ! Thanks Marie McCarthy for sharing your beautiful memories and amazing experiences with us!