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Smashwords book reviews by aimee lavalle

  • The Ghost Of A Flea on June 23, 2011

    When I first read the description of the book on Smashwords I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. It's a murder/mystery novel, not usually my first choice of genre, but not my last, so I decided to give it a fair shot. At first it was a bit slow going, and it took me until about the 3rd or 4th chapter to really get into it. But then the story started getting interesting. Every time I thought I had an idea about what was going on there was another twist. No one is quite who they seem, with every page their true self seems to come out, only to change again. The story itself drew me in, I found myself not wanting to put it down because I wanted to finally find out what the truth really was. Plus there were tons of action scenes and even a little romance thrown in. I only had to real problems with this book. The first problem is that after a certain point the plot twists and red herrings began to get in the way of the story. I understand they were part of the story, and the story itself was excellent, but after a while I just wanted to know the truth and find out what was really going on. And it went from "Oh My what a twist", to "oh, what now". Even up until the very end I was still kind of waiting for another shoe to drop and change everything. Again. Fortunately the shoes finally stopped falling. The second problem, was that I had a hard time connecting/caring for the main character. Roger is you average everyday guy, who just happens to walk straight into a seedy drug cartels world. I get he's an average guy, he's not, to quote the book, a "comic book hero". I get that, really, but sometimes he just came across as being so annoying. He just lets things happen to him and then does nothing about them. Especially in the beginning of the book. He obviously has problems with his wife, but instead of going home to here he goes out to get high with his buddies and then wonders why she is angry. (I know this is common male behavior, so maybe that's why I got annoyed by it, but still) But at the same time he seems to let people just manipulate him. He's not so bad by the end of the story, and maybe that's what the author intended, but by the end of the book I just wanted to find out the end of the story and have all the puzzle pieces fit together. I really didn't care what happened to the characters themselves. Overall I'd give this story 4 outta 5 stars. Its a good story. If you like intrigue and mysteries. If you like action and adventure. The Ghost of a Flea has all that. It will definitely keep you interested, and in the end the questions are answered and the end itself is satisfying. I give it four stars because while I didn't connect with the character that doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't. If I had been able to maybe I wouldn't have gotten so frustrated with all the plot twists.That being said, I reiterate I did like the story itself and if I came across another one of Mr. Brinling's books I would read it. So if you are looking for a good mystery with a lot of intrigue and some surprising twists, to take to the beach or pool this summer, go check out The Ghost of a Flea.
  • The Pearl Savage (#1) on Oct. 10, 2011

    This was a good story. I liked the world Blodgett has created. I wasn't too sure about the way the author switched between the characters points of view at first, but it didn't really detract from the story. I really liked how she used the mystery "guards" thoughts, I was guessing who it was up until the last moment before his true identity was revealed. One of the few problems I had with the book was the whole romance angle of the story. ***Minor spoiler alert*** It wasn't so much the love triangle that bothered me. After some surprising facts are revealed about Clara its easy to see that she will have issues deciding who to share her kingdom with, much less give her heart to. It's near the end of the book when the author decides to throw a third party into the mix, and I guess that's where I got agitated with the whole love triangle story lines. (or in this case would it be a love-rectangle?) At least with bachelor #1 she was attracted because of dna, bachelor #2 same thing, plus she actually cares for him romantically. When bachelor #3 was thrown in, well, one too many cooks spoil the stew maybe? Plus the fact that it was a character that through out the whole book the princess says is just her "friend". She knows he has feelings for her, but she doesn't feel the same, and she states this repeatedly that he is just a friend. Yet one kiss later and she's got her panties in a bunch for him. It just didn't make sense .***End spoiler alert*** Up until that point, story was a good story, I already wanted to read the next book in the series to find out what happens next to the peoples of the Spheres and the Clans. (And hopefully to get some more back story on the Guardians involvement). . But after the final twist in the romance portion of the story I don't know if I really care what happens in Clara's love life. I guess what it comes down to with this one is that I liked the world that the author created more than I liked her main character. Because of this I probably won't enjoy the next book in the series as much as I would hope to. However, I wouldn't let that stop me from giving it a chance and reading it.
  • The Unfinished Song (Book 6): Blood on March 14, 2013

    OMG! I have to say I LOVE this series!!! I’ve been drawn in since the first book and have yet to be disappointed. Since this is the 6th book in the series if you haven’t read any of them you might not want to read this one. There will be spoilers, if not for the book, then for the series itself. As for the rest of you there will probably be spoilers for book six following but it can’t be helped and I’ll try to limit them to the bare minimum. Let me start by saying that the world of Faearth that Tara Maya has created is amazing! With each book it keeps getting better and better! Seriously awesome! Every book has taken the reader to a new place in her world and each one is just as interesting as the last. Her characters are amazing too! I have my faves, of course, but all of them are amazingly well woven into the story. While they all grow or change in some way they also all stay true to themselves, even when they have a complete life changing event. They don’t just change between books for no reason. As for the story itself…there are soooo many parts of this book that I have been waiting for FOREVER!!!I won’t go into detail because I promised…but….let’s just say that I was right all along! *happy dance* Sorry there was something I had thought was true all along but the author story had led me to believe it wasn’t, and I’m happy I was right. Also it looks as if Dindi is finally getting within sight of her happy ending. I know that the story will eventually end and that there are quite a few more books left in it so she won’t get it any time soon, but still she is finally getting to show who she truly is. Ok. I know this is just mainly me raving about a book without telling too much about it, but I can’t go into detail or I will just spill a whole bunch of spoilage all over. All I can say is if you haven’t started this series yet go pick up the first two books. (You have to have them both or it will just be annoying, trust me) I can’t wait for the next book I love seeing how the author has woven all her books together and where she is taking Dindi and the rest of her world.