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Smashwords book reviews by Erica Geotz

  • Collar on March 08, 2013

    I completed the Collar Book today. This book is EXCELLENT. No question. Has a very good beginning to end especially the very end is satisfying to close/finish the book. I looked at other reviews and to be honest, there is no reason or need to continue the book into series but I think their passion is to see more of a hybrid interact with a human. Mind you this is not what you think it is. I've done role play as a hybrid and this is the first book I've read with details (not same as role play) and it still surprise me no matter what on how each character behaves :) It's in a good way! This is a book that I do recommend for everyone to read. It takes a hour or 2 to finish the book depends on how you read with no distractions. When I read, I could see it in a movie scenery like I always do with other books. At one point I got distracted with my child and then a couple of hours later I was thinking, "I wonder what happened to Lt. Sam next." This is a fiction character but I feel like I know him from somewhere. :) Being deaf in real life, I appreciate reading how things can sound in audio with out actually hearing it but with my vibration experience, I could feel it happening. Excellent book That Mr Olson has written. I look forward to your other books. - A happy Deaf Reader
  • Black Shadow Detective Agency: The Shadows Up Caper on July 12, 2013

    Let me take a pause to just chew the book up... IT IS GOOD!!! Has Mafia feeling to most parts with magic involved. I love it! I learn some history about the city that I didn't know and I could feel like I was actually there watching the whole thing unfold. I can't wait to see the rest of the books. I gotta admit at first I wasn't sure about the main character as he appeared in 'Sam, The Tale of the Mystic Wolf' He seemed like a big a..... but as I got to know him better in this book, I LIKE HIM! The Characters has Formal and Informal vibes. The Author made sure the topic/subject was focused on. One of the character (The Redhead) really surprised me when she met Shylock. I totally didn't expect that! My favorite scene is where he was with the Ladies of the River. WOW!!! I felt like I was in his eyes and saw everything. I recommend this book!