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  • The Moon Dwellers on Dec. 04, 2012
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    I received this book for free from the author in return for agreeing to review it so here I am. Thanks again David! So the Moon Dwellers... Where to begin? I enjoyed this book as a whole, I like the concept behind it of people living underground, but I like all dystopian novels for that reason. To see what the author came up with for this particular world. However, I do have to say that I am a sucker for romance and all I wanted was one kiss!!! That was the biggest thing for me was that one kiss. Other than that this book seemed slightly generic to me and I didn't feel as though the characters were fully developed yet. There was so much more that they could have been. I am going to be looking for that if and when I read The Star Dwellers. I'm not going to be posting any details from the book so as to not ruin it for people who want to read it. My verdict would be, if you're looking for a novel to satisfy your craving for some dystopian reads, then go and check out the Moon Dwellers for sure. If you're looking for a book to leave you breathless and leave you unable to sleep, then you'll have to take the search elsewhere. Thanks for reading this review!