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  • Gooseberry on Sep. 26, 2020

    What a delightful book this was to read! Taking off from the great Wilkie Collins and in a similar style of writing but completely original, the author has done justice to bringing characters to life. Everything was fast pacing, every moment was adventurous and has an exciting ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will definitely have to read more from this author and this series! Well done.
  • Octopus on Sep. 29, 2020

    Usually a sequel doesn't quite match up to the first one that it is following. However, this one surpasses it! It gets even better, the plot and story is woven together very nicely and the narrative maintains an exciting pace throughout the book. The protagonist Gooseberry and the other characters in this series have become very endearing to the reader and that is an achievement on the part of the author. The author has written a wonderful tale of Victorian era mystery and murder in the style of the great writers of that period (Wilkie Collins, AC Doyle et al). I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel and looking forward to the next one in the series. Well done, you got me hooked as a reader and fan.
  • Big Bona Ogles, Boy! on Oct. 08, 2020

    This is a fantastic book that brings out so much out of each of the characters portrayed. The Octavius Guy series is proving to be addictive. Just when I finish reading one book, I feel I have to go straight to the next one. I have always made some time for regular reading of books but seldom do I read something with so much anticipation of what may take place in the next page that I end up reading well into the night (even after an exhausting long day of work). I hope this series and the other books of this author are widely read.
  • Oh, No, Octavius! on Oct. 27, 2020

    I loved this book as I did the previous ones in the Send For Octavius series. Sad that this is the last book of the series, I hope Michael continues to write more of this character. I would love to see Octavius and Annie hook up, she seems to be a brave and bubbly girl and the little romance between them mentioned in this book is kept so subtle and brief that none of that becomes a distraction from the main plot. I took time to read and enjoy this well told story. Although I wanted to see how the mystery was solved, the elegant prose and the author's writing style kept me reading at a steady pace. I want more of Octavius Guy and his gang!
  • The Bridge of Dead Things on Nov. 07, 2020

    Wow what a fantastic book to read! My mind was conjuring up all these fantastic images based on how descriptive the prose was in this lovely book. I liked the mystery, the story telling, and most of all I loved Lizzie Blaylock! I will definitely read the next one and I am sure I will not be disappointed. I rate this book five stars.
  • The Scarab Heart on Nov. 26, 2020

    I had read The Involuntary Medium first and so I was already hooked on to Lizzy as a character. This second one went up to higher level and makes one want to read more of Lizzy's exploits in the future. Michael has obviously done a ton of research on ancient Egypt. There is so much that is still not certain about that period around Akhenaton's reign but this story seamlessly connects all the dots and makes it very believable. I am fond of all of Michael's works. I would like to encourage those who have read this series, to go over to Michael's other series Send For Octavius Guy. While that is very different from this series, any reader who likes a good story well told, will enjoy a different genre immensely. I read both series and love them both.