Aishah Macgill


Aishah Macgill is a dreamer by nature. Dreams are part and parcel of her reality, so writing about them is second nature to her.

She considers herself a ‘seeker of knowledge’ and a ‘seeker of truth’ which has taken her on travels to Nepal, India and Europe and fantastic inner journeys that are just as exciting. However, she found that in the pursuit of the big answers to life’s questions, she is merely confronted with even more confusing ones.

Aishah Macgill is Australian, who now lives overlooking the ocean on the wonderful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She has found her spiritual home there - for now. She describes her environment as “soothing, healing by it’s very nature”. However, she dearly misses the buzz and street life of Asia. To compensate though, she lives in a pristine natural environment. She loves sunrises and sunsets, full moons, crescent moons, rainbows, thundering storms and the apocalyptic rain that falls abundantly through the rainy season.

She wishes on the first star in the night sky and whenever she sees a falling star. She photographs her immediate environment regularly and has an astonishing collection of rainbow photos. Rainbows appear regularly right out front of her house over the ocean, whales splash by and surfers rule the local waters.

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