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  • Who Is Evelyn Dae? Volume 1 on May 19, 2014

    Me and a couple other classmates had to read this book for Guided Reading in school. From all the books we have previously read, this is probably the book that I enjoyed the most. Especially because this book is in the YA category, the story was very easy to relate to. It expressed a typical teen girl’s emotion perfectly. This book brought laughter, shock, and many other emotions to my Guided Reading group. Also, the pictures were just amazing. It may not seem like it but the illustrations related to the story perfectly in many ways. The only weakness of this book was the detailed dates and time. It was easy to miss out important clues and points of the story because the dates were just scattered all over the place. Although the dates were a bit difficult to follow, it was a huge joy when we did solve the meaning behind each date and the orders of the events. In conclusion, it was a very entertaining book to read.