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Hi, I'm Al Ainsworth.

The platform for my writing is values storying, the intentional passing down of values through story.

What is your backstory? Whether you are another link in the chain of a long, healthy family history or whether you are struggling to become the first link in such a chain, story is a key to building a strong family legacy. The power of shared experiences passed down through story from one generation to the next cannot be minimized.

When my father’s mother and my mother’s father passed away a number of years ago, the generations rolled forward a notch on both sides of my family. My children will remember very little about my grandparents; what they know about them will come largely through the stories I tell. My children’s children — when my children have children of their own one day — won’t know them at all…except through story. The experiences that my grandparents had, the stories they told, the lessons they learned will all be for naught if not passed down through story. Every generation needs to know their generational backstory.

The generational clock will move ruthlessly on—as most parts of our lives associated with time are wont to do—and one day the stories of my parents will find themselves at the risk of extinction. And then mine. And yours.

My writing is built not only for the purpose of preserving and sharing the rich stories of my life but also to provide encouragement and tools to help you preserve and share your stories.

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