Alan Goldsmith


Before writing the Waldo Chicken mysteries, Alan Goldsmith spent many years laboring in the vineyards of the Atlanta advertising community, but he never acquired a taste for the wine (much preferring Vodka, instead). He now lives in the same house he grew up in as a child, but he says the house he remembers as a child has changed somewhat. For one thing, it now has a wife roaming around in it'a woman who claims to have been his college sweetheart (a claim Alan doesn't dare dispute). There is also an extremely gregarious West Highland Terrier named Percy and one giant cat (twenty-two pounds at last weigh-in) named William the Conqueror. Rumor has it there are at least a couple of other pets around the house as well. In fact, in Alan's office there is a picture of a fat, pompous walrus with a chicken on his head. As to the names of these two pestiferous pets and the deep, psychological significance of their portrait, Alan tells us that the picture can speak for itself!

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