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Amy was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1954. She attended North Central High School in Indianapolis, IN. She graduated from Indiana University with a Business degree, in 1977. She earned her Masters in Business Administration in 1980 from the University in Evansville, IN.

Ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil, she wrote lyrics to songs, stories, and simple poems. Though Amy always enjoyed the creative writing classes and workshops, she pursued a career in various aspects of business. Her passion continued to be writing stories, essays, articles, and poetry into her adult years.

Amy has been published in tabloids Hoosier Sportsman, Hoosier Outdoors, (in Indiana) and a holistic tabloid Branches, (in Indianapolis, Indiana). She was published in national magazine Lotus: Personal Transformation. The introduction of PC’s created a highly efficient manner of putting her thoughts down on paper. Her literary projects can be found at The Rebel Odyssey website was originated in 2003. Here is where she has self-published her writings of five decades.

Amy’s meditation book “Prepare for the Harvest” has been her first book published, in both hard-copy and ebook format. It is a book of daily reflections for those people who wrestle with addictions and Borderline Personality Disorder. This book give 366 snippets of suggestions, recovery tools, humor, wisdom and quotes from famous people, movie personalities, cartoon characters, writers and philosophers.

Amy may be reached via email through her website, or by emailing She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her life partner, Doug Bunch, and their cat, Ki-Ki. Amy is ALWAYS available by email to answer any questions about her book or research.

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Prepare for the Harvest
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 58,860. Language: English. Published: October 22, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Addiction and recovery
Amy has been published small tabloids around Indiana, and was published in the magazine Lotus: Personal Transformation. She has been writing since the age of 8. Amy's website of poetry and short stories can be found at Rebel Odyssey website. “Prepare for the Harvest” has been her first book published. It gives 366 snippets of suggestions, recovery tools, humor, and wisdom from her journey.

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  • Inside these Rooms on June 24, 2010
    (no rating)
    I had read the First Edition in its entirety when it was completed. I was anxious to see the Second Edition, when I heard it existed. I was utterly amazed at the volume of memories, witicisms, harsh facts, articulated anecdotes, indignant protestations (all during Marion's younger period of spiritual growing), his colorful analogies, metaphors and black-and-white truths of what it was like/what happened/what it is like now for him in his 25 years of sobriety. Here you have a lawyer, turning sober to find that there is so much life yet to live. He throws himself into every activity, and so willingly shares with others what has been given to him in sobriety. The incredulous task of note-taking for 21 years in A.A. meetings, truly is a labor of love and growth, peppered with humor, insight and awe. He realized that that he was beat by his long-time friend (alcohol), and did something about it. His background of his early home-life brought tears to my eyes, and I am usually a stoic when it comes to things like that. He takes you along with him in his Journey of Recovery...his mistakes, his errors, self-doubt, and eventual enlightenment that there was a better life for him-sober- and he found he had always been a Child of God, despite what he once thought. This book needs to be on a Best-Seller booklist...but that may be in violation of one of the Traditions of A.A. ! I witnessed, for myself, Marion taking mountains of notes "inside those rooms". I had no idea they were eventually going to become this book. Excellent reading!!