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Eduardo Agustín Medina Borges was born (28 February, 1977) in Santurce, San Juan de Puerto Rico. He is a writer and playwriter. Nowadays it had sold more than 10,000 in his first two books, "Learning to Relate" ( Aprendiedo a Relacionarse) and "Call me, I will encourage’’ (Llámame, Te Alentaré) and over 20,000 copies in the presale of his book" I Rent my Damn Mind” ( Se Alquila mi Maldita Mente).

His Primary education was in elementary School Pedro Geronimo Goyco; Secondary education Maria Auxiliadora and culminates High School at the Ramon Power y Giralt. He began his studies at the University Sagrado Corazón in Santurce in Literature.

Borges obtain most of their work experience at network marketing, when it became independent sales representative in 2003 achieving great success. This experience led him to travel several countries in South America and perform as a speaker.

His works show a wide range of literary styles. His published works are social critiques, realism, drama and comedy. He admits that when he writes didn’t have an original plan, just an idea to develop. His next work will have a strong spiritual content, fiction and magical characters that bring any skeptical reader to doubt the reality.

His goal is to reach young readers. Borges uses the future concept to propose progressive ideas and reflect over obsolete traditions in society. In each reflection of our author leads us to extend an idea beyond the obvious. In his works we can see the satire and comedy as an element often used for self-analysis of the reader.

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Eduardo A. Borges speaks about love
Who loves you will never require anything. Love has no requirements, only devotion and freedom. Thanks for watching and listening. Remember to share this short but powerful message to your friends to help improve our surroundings. Visit us at where you'll find more information about our present work and all that awaits us in the future. Have a wonderful day!

Eduardo A. Borges speaks about beliefs
We must understand that own internal beliefs are the ones that "govern" our results and our outer world. Thanks for listening and do not forget visit us at for more information about our present work and all that awaits us in the future. Have a wonderful day!

"Do not Judge other beliefs"
Everything that we think, feel and believe is not what other people think, feel or believe. This is why we should not discriminate or judge others for their beliefs, thoughts and feelings that they have. The great thing about Life is precisely that it is made of Diversity. We Are DIFFERENT. It is important that it remains that way, So we can have the chance of growing understanding others. Go to

Love without Meaure
We always want to protect ourselves before giving ourselves to anyone, some of that is correct, but the reality is that until we give ourselves the opportunity to open up, without waiting for anything in return anything will be obtain.At that very moment when we give ourselves to life, to our dreams and to that love one, everything we always wished for will be given to us. Go to

Love is not a Formula
The formula and the flexibility of the method, prevent us from turning into robots of the positivism. So we can take decision from our hearts and not from our heads. That way we can prevent from taking things literately. We can allow ourselves to fail and learned from it. That way we can allow others to fail until they can find the right formula that makes them and others feel better.

When you are jealousy about something, You only show your inner fears. You are running away from your greatness, honor and the real you.


Se Alquila mi Maldita Mente
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 14,330. Language: Spanish. Published: December 28, 2010. Categories: Nonfiction » Entertainment » Humor & satire
¿Sabemos cuán partícipes somos de la psicología de nuestros niños? Es la pregunta que nos conduce a través de esta jocosa, entretenida y enriquecedora obra del autor Eduardo A. Borges.

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