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  • How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting® Yours on May 14, 2013

    IT WILL MAKE YOUR HEART SING I have been looking for a book like this for a long time, so the pleasure of discovering its existence, and then receiving an autographed copy (together with a nice dedication) from the authoress herself, proved to be a gracious manifestation in itself. Struck by the blissfulness of its title sounding like the magical 'open Sesame' formula, I was led to a cave filled with treasures - the condensed, practical, and well practiced quintessence of the Law of Attraction - exactly what I had set my intention to find. So off I went on a journey, with Debbianne DeRose as the perfect guide generously sharing her experiences and insights intertwined with a countless number of laughs, giggles, and buckets of fun along the way. From a desperate 'please send me someone to love' cry, to the fulfillment of her dream, she explains the mechanism of her love manifestation in an easy, step-by-step manner that gives you a feeling of inner lightness while anchoring your thoughts in the wonderful, vortice opening energy of release and relief. Debbianne's personal freedom from neediness is delightful and palpable, and the feeling of clarity emanating from her book - immense. She eases and softens your way to your own heart, so that you can take an honest look at your beliefs that have shaped your experiences so far. The whole process is simple and works when you're clear and in a relaxed state of allowing your heart's desire into your belief system, and Debbianne helps you find that clarity as well as that ever-so-magnificent point of allowing, so that you can just sit back and enjoy the Universe deliver your exact, specific order to you. She explains the difference between manifestations that come from your true-self, and those based on the ego and its actions, when you just want someone in order to make you feel better about yourself. This ensures you that when 'you get to choose who gets backstage passes to your psyche' (one of my favourite sentences in this book) you will attract a man who already feels good about himself and doesn't need you to improve his image. Indeed, this book is filled with tough love, but there are tender moments, too. Reading it feels like eating a delicious cake; after all, we're all customers of the Cosmic Cafe. In the process you'll end up getting 'addicted to feeling good', instead of 'being addicted to other people's approval and love'. No more jumping over the fences, no more fighting for Mr 'Driftwood'. Your Mr 'Dreamboat' is waiting for you... 'How I Met the Man of My Dreams' will not only set your heart free. It will make your heart sing. In fact, this subject could be taught at school, with Debbianne's guide used as a textbook for an emotionally healthy start in life. Read it for the very pleasure of it - that's where the magic begins...
  • What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation on Feb. 05, 2014

    An entertaining master guide to discovering one's vocation and ending up in 'seventh heaven'... What Rumi "said to the Rose" is what Miss DeRose's writing said to me... Both, figuratively and accurately speaking. So here we are - one confused day in Portland, Oregon, visiting a professional astrologer...and the adventure begins. Trying to find a solution to what feels like a before mentioned midlife crisis, Debbianne follows the popcorn trail of her "Gypsy soul's calling", and opens up a box of curiosities. During her fascinating and amusing encounters with a colourful parade of people, places, beliefs, spiritual techniques and class rooms, powerful personalities, mystical masters in disguise, and charlatans disguised as masters, she's sifting through eye-opening possibilities, facing health challenges and opportunities for growth and self-healing while...making her own magic. Debbianne's original, straightforward, highly entertaining, daring, yet very humane style full of those "delightfully quirky catch phrases" makes us see and taste and breathe the atmosphere of her quest as if it was all happening to us. Oftentimes, she simply reads your mind and is not afraid to voice her personal discoveries that used to be our secret thoughts for a long time. There's something about her writing that makes you feel open, receptive and alive, and always hungry for more. Comfortable with her own emotions, whatever they might be, Debbianne DeRose has the rare ability of making her readers feel safe throughout the whole book. Being one of the clearest, purest, no-nonsense writers (and people in general) I've ever come across, she boldly addresses her patterns, teaching you how to "walk in your own truth" as she finds out the truth about the TRUTH, and aligns with it herself, step by step, leap of faith by leap of faith, with plenty of those delicious 'aha', 'yay', and 'wow' moments on the way. For any curious soul who wants to dab into starting on their own voyage of self-discovery, either to find their life purpose, personal freedom or "the bigger picture", Debbianne's observations and insights are priceless. If you're tired of working it out for yourself, beware, 'cause this book may make the floodgates of your mind open up so widely that you may just get what you've wished for, suddenly becoming the one who actually calls the shots in your life. It's a journey of "stepping into your power" and letting go of the barriers that separated you from allowing yourself to accept the awareness of that knowledge. Once you realize this, you'll feel no need for external validation, and will reconnect with yourself, starting "taking pleasure from your inner reality" instead. Since reading "What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation", 'playing with reality' had become my favourite term. There's nothing like that calm, unaffected, steady yet flowing state of liquidity of things that feels like diving into the "swimming holes" of energy, pouring the light to and thro' once you learn how to "collapse the wave". In the last (my favourite) chapter, where we're re-emerging back into the California sun, all pieces of the puzzle finally fit, yet don't try to skip it too quickly to get to the end of the book 'cause your experience won't be the same without the whole sixteen-chapter ride beforehand. And yes, there is a chapter where she actually explains how magic happens, making "What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation" not only a vivid memoir but also a guide to discovering one's 'seventh heaven', literally. This girl has already found what you're looking for - the next part of her adventures in a sequel "How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a guide to MANifesting yours", with a new trail of popcorn in front of you. One thing's for sure, once you've read this book, when anyone asks you what you do, you'll smile and say "I play".
  • Resistance is Feudal: Modernize Your Mind to Manifest Like a Mofo! on June 02, 2015

    A long-awaited book written with acute intelligence, sense of humour and gift for formulating innovative ideas for which this writer's work unwaveringly deserves the highest rating, is always a reason for celebration. With her usual flair, and lots of heart and soul that this prolific author breathes into her writing, Debbianne examines some of the modern concepts popularized by well-known spiritual teachers. ''Manifestation can be swift and magical, or it can be slow, steady and logical. Or something in between.'' And it's up to you to choose the vehicle and its speed... Richly illustrated with stories and descriptions of different emotional responses to various real life scenarios, 'Resistance is Feudal' is perfect for people who feel more comfortable with the 'small steps' method over big quantum leaps of manifesting, yet still enjoying the thrill of a challenge. Whatever path you are on at the moment (whether you're snuggly settled in a lifestyle of all around abundance, and using 'manifestations' only to enrich your already fabulous existence, or whether you're a person for whom acquiring a new piece of clothing requires a miracle) if in agreement with your heart's purpose, this book may prove to be your great life's guide without hurting anyone in the process. Certainly worth a try, and if it works for you, you may also recommend it to a friend. As you go along, you might find out that the more you learn, the more your eyes may become open to some brand new perception that will lead you in a completely unexpected direction... End in end, you'll emerge wiser than ever before. And knowledge is power.
  • Beyond Forgiveness: the Missing Link to Manifesting Your Dreams on Aug. 18, 2015

    THE KEY TO SHIFTING TO YOUR HIGHEST MANIFESTING GEAR Though generously given away as a free gift from the author, this book is really worth millions. Even if due to prior conditioning and experiences one may feel sceptical about certain beliefs and concepts related to the word 'forgiveness', Debbianne's perceptive and practical 'hands on' approach is a fascinating guide to reaching a place much further beyond the state of classic forgiveness. And it is not just about the so called 'bigger picture'. The secret she discovers touches on something much larger than that - our inner state of ''that 'beyond' place'' from where you ''dive more deeply into personal reality creation''. A deeper sense of the whole 'letting go' and 'conscious manifesting' thing, if you like, that I find greatly inspiring in the mechanism of the shifting process. Enriched by beautifully crafted worksheets ('worthsheets') filled with exercises that are to transform the hurt, resentment and resistance keeping one stuck in the same old rut of dreary manifestations, this intriguing 'trail of popcorn' will lead you to ''practicing a shiny new happy vibration'' as it helps you bring the focus back to your true self and keep it that way. The shift to the higher gear and returning to the stage of ''that innocent stance'' that ''gurus mean by 'beginner’s mind' '' feels simply delicious and magical. Whichever way you tackle the ideas contained in this book, the journey to the secret door it unlocks in the end is totally worth it. High spirited, intelligent, compassionate, fun, and ingenious (as always), ''The Missing Link to Manifesting Your Dreams'' can be treated as an introduction to ''Resistance is Feudal: Modernize your Mind to Manifest like a Mofo!'' Hats off to Debbianne!