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Having retired at the age of 45 from teaching dance and mime in Ireland, and with some years working in environmental organizations in between, I returned to The Netherlands in the year 2000, where I began the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It truly was a new beginning. TCM stems from a very distant past, even before ideas and practices were committed to paper. As it became embedded in the Confucian and Taoist philosophical traditions, TCM was expanded, modified and refined. This long and gradual development over several thousand years explains the marvelous intricacies, wisdom and basic good sense of this healing tradition. TCM represents the accumulation and maturation of medicinal knowledge and skill over many generations of observation, investigation, experimentation, experience and interpretation. It is a comprehensive medical system that interprets the universal factors of health and disease, as well as the factors that help prevent or cure disease.
When I began the study of TCM, nutrition was only one of many subjects. For me, it quickly became the most important one: since the daily diet is so basic and essential to myself and to everyone around me, it grabbed my imagination and never let go. As the years passed, and as I experimented, observed and learned more, I began to write short articles, which grew into a book. This first edition was superseded by the current version (Mindful Nutrition, How to Make the Most of a Whole Foods Diet).
In 2012, I felt the need to take a break from TCM. In 2014, I started writing children's books for the 6-9 year age-group. These books began by being based on some of the stage productions I wrote in Ireland during my period of teaching. Now, in 2015, I plan to concentrate on marketing the four children's books that saw the light of day in 2014.
As for other aspects of my life, I divide my time between Ireland - where I lived for over a quarter of a century and where my children and grand-children live - and The Netherlands. Meanwhile, I continue to experiment with, and deepen my understanding of nutrition.

Smashwords Interview

How do you feel about marketing your book?
When it comes to my book Mindful Nutrition, I prefer that people stumble upon my book in their search for food advice. I don't like the hype about selling and I didn't write the book to earn lots of money. I wrote the book because the question of what is, and is not, a healthy diet, intrigued me and I wanted others to share in what I found out about the best diet via my studies in Chinese Medicine. A healthy diet is so simple, it could have been written on one A4 size page. Yet, you need to understand why it is so simple and I hope my book helps people understand. In the end, I want to sell to people who are really interested in the book's information, not to people who have been led into buying it through some hyped up selling techniques, then find that they don't read the book.
As for the children's books, yes I'd like to do some marketing next year (2015) for these books can be read by any 6 to 9 years olds.
Describe your desk
I write in our main bedroom. It is a large room and I've fixed a long and wide plank along one wall. This wall is blank, I like to keep it that way. But I have a row of postcards along the length of my desk, leaning against the wall. The cards change now and then, when I come across newer, fresher cards. I frame some of the cards. Some of the cards currently on my desk show a lion with a cub lying over one of its shoulders; a little naked man from Greek mythology chasing something with a spear; a Mexican child, such a serious little face for such a small little girl. There's an elongated card showing the Austen family on their way to Steventon Church. I bought that in the UK while visiting Jane Austens's house. I've a fantastic Spanish dancer and a beautiful horse statue, found in Olympia, Greece. A large window on my right overlooks some higglety-piggelty slated, mossy roofs, interspersed and flanked by many tall trees.
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