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I was born in Moscow in 1962 in a country which doesn't exist anymore - in the Soviet Union, and graduated from the International Section of the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University in 1984. In 1984-1985 I worked in the international department of The Komsomolskaya Pravda, the most popular Soviet daily in those days.
In 1985 I became a cadet in the Andropov's Red Banner Institute of the KGB USSR (that's the KGB spy school for you), and graduated in 1987. After that I worked as an operative of the First (American) Department of the First Chief Directorate of the KGB.
In February, 1990 I resigned from the KGB for political and moral reasons, and returned to The Komsomolskaya Pravda where I worked in 1990-1996 as a reporter and later as a columnist writing mostly about international issues and espionage. I also worked as an author and presenter of several political shows on the First Channel of the Russian TV ("Ostankino") in 1991-1993.
In 1996 I moved to London. In 2000-2009 I worked in the BBC Russian Service as an online producer. In 2004-2006 I was a co-publisher, editor and designer of The Hyde Park, a Russian magazine in London. There were just three of us, and everyone had to do several jobs. We closed the mag down because it was too highbrow and didn't survive competition against free Russian newspapers.
I quit the BBC in 2009 (hated that job!), and now am trying to become a novelist. Wish me luck!
If you want to know about my litigations in the High Court of Justice in London, have a look at my Wikipedia page ( I represented myself as a litigant-in-person. I was awesome, but I lost.
On the same page you will find links to international coverage of the books I co-authored. If you read Russian, have a look at the interview Vladimir Abarinov did with me for Top Secret, a Russian monthly. (
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