Alex Askaroff


“Born of a Russian/French father and Austrian/English mother, I grew up in 1960’s England and witnessed the birth of our modern age. One of six boys our house was always an explosion of noise. From this early experience I now cherish my quiet moments. My friends call me an introvert.

Originally I went through the state schooling system but things changed dramatically. My parents were in the manufacturing of baby goods and after the Miners Strikes of the 1970’s caused the power across the country to be turned off early each night a massive baby-boom soon followed. The business flourished and I was suddenly bundled off to private school. One second I was almost invisible playing conkers in a class of 44 the next at boarding school learning Latin with 11 classmates. Quite a shock! My old headmaster at Ratton did not find out for a month that I had been moved!

Later I studied engineering and eventually became a self-employed engineer and after many years a master craftsman running my own specialised business in sewing machinery, a trade that I have known since a child.

I still live in my hometown of Eastbourne with my wife and kids. I carry on the trade that I grew up with around the rural Southeast corner of England collecting fascinating stories along the way.”

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