Alex Sumner


I am a novelist and writer on the Occult. After having written several non-fiction articles for the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, in 2009 I came out with my first novel.

My books to date are:

* Eternal Witch (2018)
* A Fairy Story By Any Other Name (2014)
* Taromancer (2013)

"The Magus Trilogy"
* The Magus (2009)
* Opus Secunda (2010)
* Licence To Depart (2011)

"The Demon Detective, and other stories."
* The Demon Detective (short story: 2011)
* A Greater Power (short story: 2011)
* Shall We Kill The President? (novella: 2012)

I am also an amateur astrologer, tarot reader, and ceremonial magician. I am currently at work on both further novels and screenplays.

I live in Essex, England.

Smashwords Interview

What is your writing process?
I write "visionary fiction," sometimes referred to on websites like Amazon as "metaphysical fiction." That is to say: in order to derive the raw inspiration from my stories, I induce in myself visionary states - and then write up the results of my exertions under the guise of fiction. My favourite technique is "lucid dreaming," which is similar to "astral projection" (which I have also used on occasion). My most recent book also involved a lot of tarot divination, meditation, and even ceremonial magick.

Once I have the material upon which to draw, my writing then takes a far more conventional approach of careful planning, typing, and editing. On my very first book I tried using novel writing software. After I had finished it, however, I realised that it did nothing that I could not accomplish just with a reliable word processor.
How do you approach cover design?
I do it myself, using Adobe Photoshop.
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