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My name is Alex Taylor Wolfe and I am an author. After spending the last couple of years trying to get noticed by the 'legacy' publishers, I've decided to go the e-book / self-published route.

I am an avid reader, sometimes going through books in just a couple of days (sometimes even faster!). More than a few times I've told my husband "just let me finish this chapter" and I end up finishing the entire book somewhere near the crack of dawn. I enjoy all kinds of romance novels, especially those with historical/western themes.

I write historical romance and have my fully completed novel, Sweetwater Springs published as an e-book.

I'm also a wife and a mother. I have 4 wonderful children and a very patient and understanding husband. My husband is also my sounding board, webmaster, plot tester and editor. This guy can find errors in anything and kindly brings them to my attention in preparation for publishing. I can't express enough appreciation to all that he does for me.

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