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Smashwords book reviews by Alicia Earl

  • Falling Night on Sep. 05, 2012

    While I mostly agree with Jon Glenn’s review, I have to disagree on the Twilight comparison. I thought that the love story in this book was just as compelling, but I didn’t think that either was “over the top”. What I liked about this book was how the author created a new fantastic element, devoid of vampires or werewolves, with a story that literally pulls you into it. The characters are likable, other than the villains, and the little brother Alex reminds me of the little brother I wished I’d had. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it kept me up reading too late. It’s definitely the book’s fault. :)
  • Chasing Daylight (Falling Night, Book 2) on Aug. 13, 2013

    I am so mad right now! Seriously... How can anyone end a book like that? I almost gave this one 4 stars, because it should be illegal to end a book like that when the next one isn't out. Cliffhanger is an understatement. The book was just as excellent as the first one, and picked up right where it left off, but the ending left me frustrated. I wish the third book was out already.