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  • Angel's Assassin on Dec. 01, 2012

    I loved this book. Angel's Assassin is how Historical Romance is supposed to be. There were equal parts romance and plot and O'Donnell weaves them together masterfully. There were no characters that weren't developed throughout the story. Even the characters that were only mentioned for a few pages were as complex as they needed to be. They might not have gotten a whole story arc but I was able to figure out their reasoning for their words and actions. The book will keep you interested until the end. I started it before bed and ended up staying up half the night to finish it because I couldn't put it down. I was in shock when I found out who ordered the hit against Aurora's mother. That person wasn't even on my radar though once I found out, it made sense why they ordered it and why they still feel guilty about it. I also loved how the book comes full circle and Damien gets closure for what happened to him growing up. Now, on to the romance, which is the main reason why I picked the book up. The romance between Damien and Aurora was amazing. There was a slow build until the final payout which I think had to happen for the story line to work. Even though Damien was intrigued by her from first sight, O'Donnell handled his lust and Aurora's growing attraction perfectly. It wasn't rushed and the romance didn't overshadow the plot. I loved how both Damien and Aurora questioned their feelings for each other. It made it more realistic, especially since Damien is tasked with trying to kill her and Aurora is royalty and shouldn't be thinking about someone beneath her station. As much as I wanted to see them together, I also wanted to see what would happen; would Damien end up killing her or would their budding attraction win out. Since it is a romance novel you can guess what happens but the writing works in such a way that you still wonder until the end if they will be together. **I received this book from ABG Reads Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.**