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Alien dives into the group. Oct 13 to see the miracle of 70,000 folks gathered. And absolutely everyone observed as kids contacted enveloped in a white cloud. Then it rose to a top of five - 6 meters and vanished. Aliens Meme was repeated a few instances. But it was only a prelude.Suddenly irruptive rain stopped just as abruptly. Hefty clouds parted. And there was the "solar" - a glowing disc, which is speedily rotated around its axis and the "scattered colorful rays in all directions."Aliens meme are getting popular after cat memes, but that's for sure it is no less fun than any other meme on Internet. Also, with Aliens Meme more information about Aliens being followed.The item was in the sky, virtually at the zenith, even though the Sun is current at the time was much less than forty five degrees earlier mentioned the horizon on the south side of the horizon (azimuth 173 °).The first two problems of the magazine this yr revealed a chronicle of observations and contacts with unknown objects look in the skies of Russia, because the XIX century. Now we contact contemporary witnesses and contacted.Director of the Alien center in Los Angeles P. Stone hill frequented the places most fascinating contacts with James. This - his story.Non-public Initial Class US Military Division Francis P. Wall, who participated in the battling in Korea in the course of the Korean War, explained:"This event took spot in early spring 1951. Our infantry was in a area acknowledged to the military as the maps." Iron triangle ". We are situated on the slopes of the mountain, at the foot of which, in the valley, was a tiny Korean village Cherwin. It was night time. A number of days before we despatched our males to the village to alert inhabitants that are heading to be subjected to it shelled. On this night time, as ahead of, we read the pictures. And then correct at the base, we observed a faint light-weight that crosses the mountain and went down. The light-weight went down to the village, in the spot exactly where the thundering artillery fireplace. And then we observed that the object went straight into the fire heart, but injuries have not acquired.It took about forty minutes. The object approached us and turned vibrant eco-friendly sparkling mild. He seemed to vibrate, but in fact, pulsed gentle emitted by them.

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