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Since 1994 I have been developing distance learning programs. Between 1998 and 2001, a computer education program I developed was sold in over over 120 countries.

In 2003 I began developing a distance learning English program. It has been sold in every country in the world.

Thirteen years ago, I teamed up an English professor. We have been working together on various distance learning courses since then. Her expertise' lies in teaching and writing teaching materials for Global English and teaching and writing teaching materials for Technical Writing, both necessary skills when developing such a step by step, systematic approach to teaching English.

A few years ago, we began developing English learning programs that focus on the minimal number of words a person absolutely must know in order to speak English effectively and to carry on daily conversations. The number of words of words we came up with and use in these teachings is 855.

This year (2013) we will launch a new global distance learning program based around that concept.

In the meantime, we began developing a new children's learning course using a character I came up with several years back, and the teachings are based on the same theory of using the minimal number of words... a child can progress from there but we want to make sure they have a good foundation. Alie will provide that foundation.

We started out writing this series of books only to teach English as a second language, but once we were into it, we realized it would work just as well to use in books to teach grammar to children who live in an English speaking society.

Through this English professor's research she has concluded that children learn the rules of grammar as they learn to speak without being taught those rules, and that this happens in all languages, thus making it a universal characteristic of humans.

Her opinion is that when you teach a second language to children, you shouldn't teach them grammar because they will figure it out themselves if you teach the language in the right way.

(However, there's a lot of controversy over what is the right way. No one can seem to agree.)

Her opinion, and I agree, is that we should go with the research by linguists who study second language acquisition. No matter how you teach a second language, people tend to learn certain things about language in a certain order. So she has tried to follow that order as well as she can.

People also learn formulaic phrases easily, such as short sentences in which you can replace one word to have a different sentence, so we will teach a lot of those in this series of books.

People also seem to latch onto the last word of a sentence and work backwards from that word, so that's what we have Alie do.

Is it different? Yes. Is it effective? Try it. You tell us. We believe it is.

I have traveled to 33 countries/outlying areas over the since 2000. I have been intrigued by the number of people who have apologized to me because they don't speak English, even though at the time I was a visitor in their respective countries.

With the invent of the Internet came an opportunity for the people of the world to come together as one people, thus the need for a Universal Language.

My goal and mission is to do my part to make this a reality.

My motto: One World. One Global Language.

Please check out the books and give me your feedback. It is always appreciated.

You can email me directly at ceo@xlgu.com

Thank you.


Richard McCullough


Alie the Alien (Book #1)
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 390. Language: English. Published: May 14, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Activity Books
Alie the Alien is a school of books dedicated to provide a quick and precise system for young English speaking children to develop their vocabulary and to teach English as a second language to non-English speaking children. Alie comes down from space and lands in Ed's backyard. Ed and Alie meet. Alie can quickly learn to pronounce words, but he doesn’t know what they mean at first. Fun for all!

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