Alina Bradford


Alina Bradford has more than 13 years of experience in the publishing and around 20 years in the art world.

Currently, Alina runs her own freelance writing, critiquing, and illustration business at Alina's art is currently represented by Juxtaposition Sound & Vision of Tula, Oklahoma.

Highlights of Alina's Career:

Contributing writer for the fine art publication Thalo Magazine
Former illustrator and head of the design department for Coffee Cramp Magazine
Former illustrator for Ore Mountain Publishing House
Author and illustrator of the children’s book “The Kitties Danced”
Contributing artist for the movie "The Legend of D-Pouch"
Cover artist for magazines such as CCM and Sennaciulo Magazine
Freelance logo design and layout of text books for various companies including PCS Edventures and Tall Blonde Monster Designs
Staff writer for Southern Vanity Magazine in 2008
Previously managing editor for The Bat, The Revelation, and The Sawyer Community Newsletter
Previously Prevention Magazine Buzz Blogger
Former copy editor for Ore Mountain Publishing House
Former column writer for Fit Christian Magazine
Published in dozens of national magazines and over thirty Internet sites

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